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4 Healthy Lifestyle Tips We Learned From Doing The #CareerGirlChallenge

The final day of the #CareerGirlChallenge is officially over. These were 4 inspiring and motivational weeks with loads of ups and downs, where we learned a lot about ourselves, living the healthy lifestyle and our body’s.


The CGD team collectively decided to not let the challenge stop here. Although it might be ‘formally’ over, we will still continue to keep up the healthy eating and the daily workouts.

This challenge really helped us to create our own healthy lifestyle and to find out what works and what doesn’t work for us as individuals.

From our own experience, we give you 4 healthy lifestyle tips that we from the #CareerGirlChallenge:

#1 – Working out together is more fun

Having a workout buddy is so much more fun! We have a gym close to our office, so whenever you don’t feel like working out, there will always be this colleague that will drag you there. You can motivate each other in the gym to go that extra miles and reminding of your goals. Make working out fun and it will become fun, instead of this big hill you need to climb over.

#2 – Eating healthy does not mean eating boring

People often think that when you are only eating clean, you eat lots of boring stuff like unseasoned food or just carrots all day, which is so not true! It is so easy to make healthy eating fun, as long as you are willing to make it happen for yourself since you are still the one who has to get up and make it.

#3 – Having a support system does help

Most of us let our friends and family know that we were doing a #CareerGirlChallenge and of course, like real friends and family, should do, they all supported us 100%. This little support group really helps you to pick yourself up, if you feel down or not focussed.

#4 – Preparation is key

We are all busy girls, so therefore we need to prepare. I picked Sunday as my prep day and made all my food (literally everything, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner) up till Wednesday, because otherwise, your food will not be ‘fresh’ anymore. It gives so much less stress and you will have more free time during your evenings because food for the next day is already done!

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