4 Healthy Ways To De-Stress When You’re At Work

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Stress is a normal part of a career girl’s life, but you need to handle it the right way. Don’t throw your computer! We’ve got you…

In high-stress situations, sometimes that stress ball just won’t cut it, and besides slamming your fist on the table there’s little you can do to calm down. High stress levels can lead to anxiety and illness, so it’s important to manage it properly. Unfortunately even the best jobs come with some element of stress, so here’s how to manage it the healthy way.

1. Deal with the moment when it arrives 
When you feel yourself getting stressed out, take deep breaths. Try to remove yourself from the stressful situation or approach it in a calm way. Treating  your body with kindness during your home time will enable you to deal with stress much better. We recommend exercising for fun, treating yourself regularly and employing a calm home. Read our article on how to get a stress-free home so that you can limit your day-to-day stressors.

2. Eat right
When you feel stress levels rising and you can’t duck out into the toilet for a quick meditation session, grab a snack that fuels you. If you’re regularly snacking on sugary foods you could be having a sugar rush which can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress. Calm down and take healthy, anxiety fighting foods to work. Try our recipe for peanut protein balls, they lower the risk of high blood pressure and can help you take a few minutes to relax.


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3. Be mindful
If you really do struggle with stress you should try to be mindful. Mindfulness is seriously important for girls on the go, read our beginners guide here. You can also buy coloring books to do when you get home, they seriously take your mind off any annoying co-worker drama or stressful days.

4. Allow yourself to be emotional
Some days you just want to cry, and those days are the hardest. It’s important to acknowledge that you feel stressed and allow yourself to have emotions, ask your colleagues for help, call your friends and laugh after work and remind yourself it’s OK to be human. It’s important to view any task as an opportunity rather than a requirement and to treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. Read our article on telling the difference between a bad day and a burnout here!

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  1. I totally agree with the coloring books! It may seem odd but the adult coloring books are beginning to be more and more in trend. Meditation at work tends to help as well, as seen here: https://bit.ly/1QS6Z9s
    Great article!

  2. Great tips! So important also to take stock of your feelings, be aware of patterns and changes that you can make to make your life easier on yourself. :)
    Katie — https://bettermeby23.com

  3. How does Career Girl always seem to reach into my soul and give me just what I need??

  4. This seems like a good list for being at work when you can’t get away for a walk or read a book.


  5. Number 2 is my fav haha. But I love what you wrote about allowing yourself to be emotional sometimes. It can be such a relieve





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