These Are The 4 Hottest Sandal Brands At The Moment


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When you’re on your way to your sunny holiday destination, there is 1 item that you can’t miss in your suitcase: sandals! They are your go-to piece. Et Voila: CGD’s five favorite open toe sandals in a row. Ready to bring with you in your suitcase.


Simple, but super stylish are the sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals. A favorite amongst, Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker and Hally Berry, and we understand why! These sandals come in the most beautiful materials and finest prints (leopard print!).

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For when you’re in desperate need of some color in your life (and your sandals), Elina Linardaki is your go to brand. Simple. nude colored sandals are combined with colorful pompoms and beads. This will give you and instant mood boost.

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If you’re looking for sandals you can walk in all day: we want them!  K. Jacques is your best choice. This brand  born in Saint-Tropez has been known for producing quality sandals for over more than 70 years and are sandals you want to be seen in

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Mansur Gavriel became famous because of her stunning bucket bags. But this brand has amazing sandals as well. Think: Italian suede, pastel colors, and minimal designs.


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  • Nicki George

    Oh I love the ancient greek sandals! The simplicity of them is beautiful! You can either dress them up or down.


  • dreamofadventures

    Lovely sandals! I just went out and bought two pairs the other day =o)

  • daphne siy

    Love everything!

  • Sundays are for lovers

    so cool, love the gypsy style sandals

  • sulisy

    Very responsible. A website dedicated to 20 something female career and financial responsibility issues to showcase a whole article on SANDALS that are way out of your target’s budget.

    Instead of writing about how a $175 pair of sandals is not a necessity. Buy a pair that is $20-$30 and put the rest in your savings or towards a better ROI idea.

    Really need to work on what is the message of this website.