4 Inspiring Pieces From Lena Dunham’s Newsletter

Lena Dunham


If you subscribe to one newsletter this year (other than Career Girl Daily’s, of course) then we suggest Lenny Letter, where powerful women come together to write about topics that are important both personally for them, and in the social sphere. Our favorite Lenny Letters so far are:

Jennifer Lawrence On The Hollywood Wage Gap
One of the first Lenny Letters, the highest-paid actress in the industry spoke out against the wage inequality amongst female actors (when compared to their male counterparts) just weeks after it was revealed that she and her co-star Amy Adams were paid considerably less than Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner in American Hustle. A must-read for anyone who’s shying away from asking for what they’re worth at work!

Highlight: When Lawrence articulates the main reason that women hold back: “I would be lying if I didn’t say there was an element of wanting to be liked that influenced my decision to close the deal without a real fight. I didn’t want to seem ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled.’ ”

Ashley Graham On Body Shaming
Perhaps the most well-known name in plus-sized modeling, Ashley perfectly articulates the struggles that women face when their bodies are commented on—namely, that big or small, there’s no winner. Using the power of social media to start a body-positivity revolution, Graham speaks to the difficulties of living her weight struggles under a microscope.

Highlight: “No matter how many empowerment conferences, TED talks, and blog posts are out there, women keep tearing one another down over physical appearance. Body shaming isn’t just telling the big girl to cover up. It’s trying to shame me for working out.”

Gillian Jacobs On Learning How To Act Like Herself
Gillian Jacobs has been a rising star in Hollywood for some time now (starring in shows like Love and Community) but her rise to the top wasn’t always smooth sailing; her tendency to want to please people ultimately lead to a very difficult year when she first enrolled at Juilliard. Her honest portrait about struggling is ultimately is a refreshing break from celebrities who claim that their talent was always seamless and natural.

Highlight: “The more I focus on myself, value my own needs, and work on my shortcomings, the less the opinions of others mean to me. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s OK.”

 Jane Fonda’s Journey To Feminism
As someone who’s had a long, successful career for decades, and someone who’s known for her activism, it surprised me that Jane Fonda hadn’t always considered herself a feminist. But her Lenny Letter shows that it’s not always a direct path that gets us to our destination!

Highlight: “But this is not about replacing one ‘-archy’ with another, it’s about transforming social and cultural norms and institutions so that power, violence, and greed are not the primary operating principles. It’s not about moving from patriarchy to matriarchy, but from patriarchy to democracy.”

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