4 Inspiring Self-Help Books You Need To Read This Year

With increasingly busy and hectic schedules, it can be hard to leave work at work. So many of us go home and instead of actually relaxing, we spend our evening still worrying about the tasks of the day – which clearly isn’t very good for our mental wellbeing. So here at CGD, we’ve found the best books to get you started on living a more stress-free and happier life. And reading in itself can be a great way to unwind as are these easy solutions to make the most of your time.


Reasons to Stay Alive By Matt Haig

This number one Sunday Times Bestseller tells the personal story of Matt Haig, who aged 24 almost killed himself. This book is not only incredibly emotional and moving as Haig recounts his personal demons, it is also incredibly helpful as it explores how to live better, love better and feel more alive, making it the best self-help book out there at the moment.


Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway By Susan Jeffers

This creation by Susan Jeffers has arguably become one of the most renowned self-help books out there. It is a classic, and it’s ideal for those who would never even dream of picking up a self-help book, let alone live their lives by one. The book’s premise is anything new in life can be scary and no one is immune to fear but the only way to get through these things is by jumping right in. Although, being fearless is easier said than done so if you need anything more convincing, give this article a read!


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living By Dale Carnegie 

The title sounds easy enough doesn’t it? But we all know trying to fight off the niggling doubts in your mind is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Dale Carnegie’s classic deals with an issue that affects so many of us from time to time – anxiety. The language may be a little old-fashioned throughout this book, but if you can see past that, it serves to give some really solid advice for everyday life. And if you’re feeling anxious right now, maybe meditation could help – here’s our guide for those who want to start but unsure how.


The Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 minutes A Day To Less Stress, More Peace By Dr. Patrizia Collard

This book offers simple solutions on how to make every day better than the last. Dr. Patrizia Collard shares a range of 5 to 10-minute practices that can easily fit into almost everybody’s lifestyles and once incorporated they can bring fulfilment, less stress and ultimately more peace in your life. The next time you’re feeling the stress at work, try out these simple ways to instantly become more zen.

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  • Hannah Lucy

    Love this – thanks for sharing. These are my favourite kind of books to read

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Lottie things

    Feel the fear and do it anyway is one of the best self help books i ever read, my Mother also read the book and it helped her a lot. She passed it onto me.

    Great post.


  • Nichole

    I’ve never really tried reading any self help books but now I am very intrigued. Thanks for posting your recommendations, I am going to check them out. :)
    – Nichole

  • Liv Davies

    Fiction has always been my genre of choice, but I’ve enjoyed reading self-help articles online recently. This list looks really interesting – certainly a good place to start!


  • From Girl C

    I have never tried self help books, but they sound interesting. I will definitely check one out!

    girl C

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