4 Life Lessons From Power Woman And Billionaire Tory Burch


Whether you are living in New York, London or somewhere else in the world, there is a big chance that you own or at least have seen some other girls walk in the beautiful flats, tunics or clutches from Tory Burch. This Power Woman built her multi-billion dollar fashion empire in less than a decade and she is, according to Forbes, one of the most powerful and influential women in the world.

Like with all success stories, there is an incredible story behind it. Not everything came easily to Tory and there are a lot of life and career lessons she learned the hard way. She is a firm advocate of women empowerment and with her organization ‘The Tory Burch Foundation’ she helps and empowers female entrepreneurs.

Buckle up

My favourite advice she gives is “Buckle up”. When we look at Tory today, it is easy to just see her as the self-made billionaire who started her business from scratch and is nowadays really successful. Burch had years of hard work, handling setback, late nights and early mornings. Failures and setback are going to happen, therefore it is important to see them as learning opportunities.

“Buckle up, and know that it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work, but embrace it.” – Tory Burch

Go big

In the beginning, Tory had a 5-year plan of opening 3 stores, but at the same time she wanted to build a global brand. She had to deal with setbacks and failures, but also embraced all the good things and celebrated her successes. The shoutout Oprah Winfrey gave her as ”The next big thing” brought her 8 million website hits and she also received a lot of media coverage thanks to her friends from the magazine world. Tory knew how important networking and building relationship is and that is what she used to her advantage. Luck is important, but it doesn’t just happen, you still need to work for it. If Tory never built up her network and pushed for collaborations, she might have never come this far.

Follow your passion

Tory described that she was more of a tomboy when she grew up. She studied history and fashion at university and then went on to work for big designers like Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang. After gaining experience, she decided that she wanted to launch her own company and she wanted it to become a global brand. Although Burch had never designed in her life before she started her own company, she dreamed big: “I never designed before this company. You have to take a risk and put yourself out there.” – Tory Burch

Thicken your skin

“Being a sensitive, thoughtful person opens you up for criticism and being affected by it. I heard and tried not to listen to a lot of negativity. The noise and negativity were just the sidebar.” When Tory was choosing a name for her brand, a lot of people were skeptical of her wanting to use her own name. She received a lot of criticism and learned that the advice her parents gave her was more than true, she needed to thicken her skin. We all know now that she clearly proved her skeptics wrong, and that cutting out the noise and negativity is a life lesson we all should take on.


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