4 Fashionable Outfit Ideas That Will Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

We’ve selected our favorite fashion items of the week! Amazing statement pieces that are a great addiction to your wardrobe.

#1 Get it In Nude

[show_ms_widget id=”29774988″ image_id=”32560984″ width=”2596″ height=”2000″]

Coat Miss Guided, Bag Topshop, Sweater Maje

#2 You can’t go wrong in black

[show_ms_widget id=”29742240″ image_id=”32511903″ width=”2596″ height=”2000″]

Scarf Shiraleah, Jacket Topshop, Bag Rebecca Minkhoff

#3 The jumpsuit all the It girls are wearing

[show_ms_widget id=”29742260″ image_id=”32511924″ width=”2596″ height=”2000″]

Jumpsuit Self-Portrait, Heels Mango, Clutch Whistles

#4 It’s in the stars

[show_ms_widget id=”29742311″ image_id=”32511972″ width=”2596″ height=”2000″]

Bag Stella McCartney, Jumper Topshop, Boots Jeffrey Campbell

  1. Anyone else seeing #1 & #2 as exactly the same things in exactly the same color???
    Oooh, but I clicked on the links under the picture and the links are good….

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