4 Money Making Apps For Extra Spending Money This Month


Make smart decisions with your smartphone. Click away from Instagram for just a second and download these 4 apps that can actually make you money!

If you’re forever on your phone, switching between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter in an endless loop. Now is the time to stop all the procrastination and actually make smart use of your smartphone. Apps are indeed not only there for entertainment and your social media obsession, they can also bring home some extra cash! Amazing! So here’s our list of free apps you can download that will allow you start earning money during your free time. And if you want some more money-saving advice, try out these 5 hacks.


If taking pictures is your great passion and you can’t stop Instagramming all your life, it is time to download Foap. This app will allow you to upload photos that you can later sell to a virtual audience, charging as much as you want per photo. Not bad, huh?


If you’re a student or just low on funds, Surveys On The Go is a super easy way to make money, by not really doing a lot. This app offers surveys for you to fill out and it will pay you, just for your answers. From $0.25 to $5 per survey and with a range of topics, from a politics campaign to market research, this app is the quick fix to earn cash.


Do you still have old college and high school textbooks hiding in storage? Well, don’t throw them away, sell them on Bookscouter! It’s as simple as scanning the barcode and then choosing the best offer from over 20 book buyback companies. Love it. Learn how to start saving money with these books!


Is there a better combination than achieving your fitness goals and getting paid for it? Nope. This amazing app will pay you up to $5 a week for reaching your health goals. All you need to do is to make a weekly pact to exercise more or eat healthier, and the app will track your achievements to reward you accordingly. If you’re struggling to change up your diet, here’s how you can actually eat more and lose weight!

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