4 Motivational Video’s For When You Feel Discouraged


Staying focussed, excited and motivated can be very hard when you do not see the result yet, failed or even after a fun weekend that felt way too short. It is Monday morning again, the first working day of the week.

You are either getting ready for work or if you are lucky still cozy in your bed. Either way we can all use a little motivation to get a great, motivational start and to get us focussed again for this week ahead.

These 4 videos will encourage, motivate and excite you again for whatever it is you are dreaming of or working towards. Pick 1 or watch them all, and experience how a video of just a couple of minutes can get you back on track!

#1 – Be fearless

#2 – Chase your dream, whatever that dream is!

#3 – If you have never failed, you have never lived!

#4 – Why do we fall?