4 Online Courses Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know



To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be resourceful, you need to hunt down opportunities and you’ve got to learn things for yourself – the sort of things that will make your dream a reality. Okay, that might sound a little daunting, but I believe one of the most powerful skills to possess is a positive-I-can-do-this attitude. So, instead of spending an evening in front of Netflix, why not spend it learning something new?

We could all do with some more motivation and these online courses might just be the next step to achieving your ambitions!

1. Startup School Radio
I’ve recently become slightly addicted to podcasts – driving along, on the tube to work or before bed – they are a great way to become inspired while relaxing. This podcast comes from Y Combinator, the accelerator behind companies like Dropbox and Airbnb. Hosted by YC partner Aaron Harris, the show gives practical advice on starting, funding and building a business from its grassroots through interviews with founders.

2. The Creative Entrepreneurs Toolbox
What makes this course different to others is the format. Instead of a lecture-style class, you’ll gain insight into what it’s really like to start your own creative business through a series of interviews with people that have made it. It really is inspiring stuff! If you want hands-on advice on how to market and design your creative brand – this one is for you!

3. An Entrepreneur’s Checklist
For those that do enjoy lectures, this course will work for your learning style. Presented by serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, this talk gives you the general whats, whys, and hows of building a business. I would recommend to skip Lecture 1 – 5, and watch the talk in its entirety in Lecture 6.

4. She Did It Her Way
Sorry, not sorry it’s another podcast, but I love ’em! This one comes from ‘She Did It Her Way’, a community made by female entrepreneurs for female entrepreneurs. Every week, they interview successful women in the industry and you can learn to follow in their footsteps to create your own empire. Added bonus: the Her Way Challenge’. I signed up to this wonderful community to feel even more driven to reach my goals – check it out!



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