4 Reasons Why We Love Netflix and Chill


Don’t worry ladies, we don’t mean the overall definition of this concept! Netflix and chill is probably the term of the year 2015 for our generation. Although, it often has a whole different meaning, we actually love the real Netflix and Chill (the one that means just chilling out, watching Netflix and switching off from the week). So, a comfy couch or big bed, tea or hot chocolate and lots of snacks together with our favorite series or movies. It is the best way to relax, spend time with yourself and the perfect way to get through this Winter.



So, we are claiming the definition! No matter what anyone else says, we are really Netflix and chilling by just unwinding and ignoring everyone else. Here are 4 reasons why we love the original meaning of Netflix and chill!

#1 It is the ultimate way to relax

No fuss, no drama, just you in the most comfortable position you can put yourself in. After a busy week of work and running around, this is absolutely what you deserve. Switch your phone off, close Facebook and just relax.

#2 Catching up with all our favorite series

In our busy lives it can be really hard to stay up-to-date with the series we are addicted to. Planning in a couple of hours of Netflix and Chill allows you to catch up on all your favorite series or even start a new series that everyone is talking about (Empire!).

#3 There is no better way to spend your Saturday evening or lazy Sunday

Clubbing and going out are of course great ways to spend your Saturday evening, but there is no better feeling than putting on your PJs early in the evening and knowing that the whole night is yours! Invite friends, make it a PJ party and just enjoy your free or Saturday night-in.

#4 It entertains you for hours

Let’s be honest, once you start a new series and it is good, it is so difficult to stop. You always promise yourself just ‘1 more episode’, which always ends up being at least 5 more episodes (because you just can’t stop). You can completely lose yourself in another world for a couple of hours, just forget about your huge to-do list and ‘enjoy’ the drama in someone else’s life.



  • Ally

    It’s one of my Favorite things to do around this time of year!!x

  • Dominique

    Good cheap fun for a cold winter night. I love throwing something in the crockpot and just hanging out in PJs while watching Netflix!

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    This is so true



  • http://www.ohjanuary.blogspot.co.uk Hannah Lucy

    So much truth.

    Hannah | Oh January

  • https://www.lynyrdgolightly.blogspot.com Lindsey Brooke

    This post is the epitome of perfection…I LOVE netflix and chill.

  • PinkPanthress

    This is confusing. The title says 4 reasons… the text at top say 5 reasons… and the following reasons end at 3… WTH!?
    give me some of the stuff you smoke… ;)

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