4 Reasons Why You Need A Done List To Increase Productivity

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For most of us, we go by a ‘to-do list’ that we crank up in the morning before we begin our day. But there’s a chance that you may not be hitting your productivity mark. While it’s great to keep yourself organized by having a checklist, productivity experts recommend the usage of a “done list” – a list of things that you’ve accomplished for the day – instead of a ‘to-do’ list. Here’s how a ‘done list’ can increase your productivity.


It gives you motivation.

While a to-do list helps with keeping in check with the things you need to complete, a ‘done’ list helps you keep track of the things you’ve accomplished.

The ‘done list’ motivates you to keep finishing the things you need to do because it shows you your capacity to get things done and to measure the results of your achievement. Don’t you just love the burst of positive energy that comes after completing a task?


It gives you perspective.

The ‘done list’ puts your smaller goals into a bigger perspective. Rather than seeing the little bullets that make up the task (which can be daunting), the done list helps you recap the tiny details you accomplished in order to see the big picture. It allows you to review your day, celebrate your accomplishment and helps you plan the rest of your week effectively.


It provides a check-and-balance system.

A ‘done list’ also helps you see the where you may be falling short of your goals. While you may be pleasantly surprised at yourself for completing a difficult task, a done list can help you see the areas of progress that you need to make. Constantly review and compare your ‘to do list’ with your ‘done list’ and see what needs to be done. 


It makes you positive 

Because of the motivation and feelings of accomplishment that come with completing a task, the ‘done list’ keeps you focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Sometimes, our brains tend to place more focus on the negative things in life but a done list can help you review the positive things that stemmed from your day.

So, rather than just keeping a list of things that need to be done, make a ‘done list’ at the end of the day (or at the end of a task) and see how you can improve yourself, make better decisions and celebrate your achievements.


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  1. I always just cross it out on my to-do list. Every time I cross something I needed to do out, it makes me SOOOO satisfied! I love having a notebook full of striked tasks. Lol!

    – Charmaine

  2. Love the idea of a done list, I’m always looking at what’s left to do and it’s so easy to forget what you’ve already accomplished

    – Natalie

  3. Yeah, great advice I’ve never think of a done list, it will help me a lot know that I am starting my freelancer career

  4. I have never really thought of it as a ‘done list’, but I have gotten into the habit of recording each days achievements and I agree that it definitely helps you focus on the positive! ♥

    Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk

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