4 Reasons You Should Stop Trying To Do Everything By Yourself

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When you were in high school, you were probably assigned many different group projects. This involved understanding the assignment and the work to be done. In many of these instances, tasks were likely to be divided up amongst group members. For some of us career girls, working as a member of a team comes naturally. However, for the rest of us, we may feel a little anxious in these types of situations. We give you 4 reasons why you should stop trying to do  everything by yourself.

#1 Stop worrying

A stream of questions may start running through your mind, you wonder whether your trusted team member can really be trusted? Will they get the job done as well as you could have, will they produce high-quality work or will they let you down? Stop worrying! Sharing or delegating tasks is a good thing. Not only is it incredibly efficient, it’s also important for your own professional development.

#2 Understand your team

To start, begin by understanding everyone’s skill sets and talents. Developing a thorough understanding of the types of tasks that your group members do well or enjoy doing, will likely motivate them to put forth their best efforts and produce their best quality work. Instead of dreading an aspect of their assignment, their interest will create productivity. Furthermore, while everyone is fixated on their duties, you will have the time take a step back and see what everyone is doing. In other words, you will see the direction of the sum of the team’s efforts.

#3 Be a good leader

Delegation also puts you in a leadership role. In this position, you will have the ability to channel your creative energy in various directions. For example, part of the benefit of sharing tasks with others is that you get to challenge group members to broaden their skill set and explore areas where talent may be hidden. Doing so will encourage your team to take risks, work outside of their comfort zone and realize what other valuable qualities they can bring to the table. So take the opportunity to coach or mentor other members in your group and in doing so you will empower them, and the final product will thank you for it.

#4 You get to train your team instead of trusting them blindly

In addition to guiding your team members, as a leader you can take the time to explore aspects of the project that will truly allow the collective work to shine. You can ensure that individual pieces fit together perfectly. In addition, you can tap into your innovative mind and explore ways in which you can take your work to a new level. With a hardworking and dedicated team, who feel empowered and share your vision of success, you can step outside the box as a fresh and fearless leader.

So when placed in situations that require more work than any one person can handle, instead of feeling like you have to do everything, take charge. Remember that it’s okay to delegate. You don’t want to bog yourself down with work and ultimately wear yourself out. Ultimately, your choice to work productively with others will enhance overall efficiency and lead to professional development for all members involved, especially you!


  1. i think once you know your team, you should get rid of those you do not trust. Nothing breaks up a team faster than an ill fitting member

  2. i think once you know your team, you should get rid of those you do not trust. Nothing breaks up a team faster than an ill fitting member

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