4 Reasons Successful Women Love Mondays


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When you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s the truth, and that’s what we stand for. Dreading Monday just isn’t cool, we know that nobody likes to hear their alarm buzzing in their ear at the crack of dawn, but if you’re actually dreading going into work, you might be in the wrong job!

Get a bit of Monday motivation and find out why successful women love Monday’s!


1. A fresh start

Mondays are the best days to get back on track with that healthy eating plan, exercise regime or even attempting new goals at work.

It is fair to say we are all a lot more determined at the start of the week than we are by Thursday afternoon when we cave and hunt down the biscuits at work. Successful women know that if they’re dreading going into work there must be a cause, and they have to figure out what it is and change it. Whether it’s the job they’re in, or something more specific. Bringing negativity in your workplace will never change your mindset!

2. Another chance to change the world

Monday is a reminder to many that you are here, healthy and have the chance to make an impact on the world. Even if it’s in your own small way.

Many people groan at the thought of facing Monday. They see it as a negative because it marks the end of the weekend. Change this mindset and be excited about what the next week has to offer!  Think positive and you can achieve anything!

3. This is the most productive day of the week

Research shows that over a third of us do our best work on a Monday. In fact, most of us apparently do our best work on a Monday morning! So embrace today, get your head down and start plowing through that to do list! That way less will be stressing you out by the end of the week.

4. A day for resetting!

Trying to loose a few more pounds for an event or tone up? Then start today. Research confirms dieters will have greater long term success if they use Monday as a ‘reset’ day to get back on track after an indulgent weekend. Pass the salad! Because in reality, who can handle anything but a salad after a weekend on the binge?

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  1. So true, I’m always productive on Monday! X Carmen – http://www.carmenmattijssen.nl

  2. I have to admit, I am not a big monday or morning person but I have to agree that there is something about Monday’s that just makes you want to change or start new things.


  3. Haha it can be a struggle, but I find if I make an extra effort to be productive on Monday the week just follows successfully! x

  4. I think if we’re all going to be honest, we do struggle to get out of bed on a Monday. The sheets are just so cozy! But I personally make a special effort on Mondays, clothes, makeup and lunch wise. If the rest of the week is a mess, at least I still have Monday!

  5. I really needed this. I often (very often) find myself being scared and anxious about the world. It came to the point that I’m even anxious to go outside of the house at times because of how much time I spend at home. I cannot express how much I admire girls who go out there and do their best to change the world!

    ❤ Mila

    || https://www.topknotkindaday.com ||

  6. Mila, we’re glad that this has inspired you. Its always hard to overcome any challenges, and this seems to be a big one for you, you definitely need to take things at a slow and comfortable pace, every step closer is an achievement remember that. Maybe, as today is Monday make a plan to leave the house, and work to get to a certain distance by Friday and then give yourself the weekend to rest up and reward yourself. You can also make your impact on the world from home, through comforting a friend, being there for family etc. We (career girl daily) believe in you

  7. OMG YES! I always loved mondays and people would look at me like I am insane when I would tell them.. but to me it’s like a mini new years! So happy I am not alone!

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  8. Thank you so incredibly much Lisa! That’s so sweet of you to take your time to write this! I’m so grateful and thank you for your advice – I will definitely try! ? Lots of love

  9. Anxiety is a tough one, but don’t let your anxieties take over your life! Easier said than done I know. You can try going for CBT (cogntive behavioural therapy), I tried it for my own anxieties and it’s amazing. You’re capable of so much and you can change the world as well! Be kind to yourself and take each day as it comes :)


  10. Its all the shirts that say “i hate mondays!’.
    Its a great day to just start fresh! Whats your plan this week, any end goals to reach by sunday?

  11. Super happy to help in anyway Mila, lets us know how the goals work out by Friday. We know you can do anything you set your mind to. It can seem so daunting, I know. I’ve been there. But give yourself something to motivate yourself with. Never be afraid to ask for help. Take things at your own pace, and just believe in yourself. I know thats harder to do than for me to say, but just keep persevering.

  12. This is great advice Ramona, we’re glad that you found a way that you love to help with your anxieties. We want you to know that we think that is genuinely amazing and you should be proud of your own achievements

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