4 Seriously Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year


While some of us may steer towards classic Christmas colors and ornaments, with hues of green, red and gold engulfing our living rooms, others may opt for color pallets and decoration staples that are unique or more so an extension of our own personal style.

Everybody wants a beautiful Christmas tree, so we looked at the most popular designs and took some designer tips!

1. Choose your theme wisely.


When you think of a theme for your tree, you automatically think red, green, cheap tinsel (or is that just me?) our childhood Christmas tree was just whatever my siblings and I could throw at the tree and hope would stick. Adult Christmas trees can be as chic as you want. You can even decorate your tree with oversized flowers, it was a huge trend last year and is coming back around again.

Use muted tones with large splashes of color to add dimension to your tree, we’re loving Furbish Studio’s multicolor pompom baubles at the moment. Check them out here.

2. Less is more!

homey oh my

Don’t forget that it’s going to be taking up some serious space. Even if you use a tiny one, you need to consider the feng shui. That means making sure it goes with the room you’re putting it in, doesn’t crowd the room and is positioned in a way that adds to the Christmas feeling. A tree that’s too large and takes up too much of the room will give an oppressive, stressful vibe to any room. Trees in the corner of rooms and by windows work better.

Keep in mind that if you’re putting a medium sized tree in a small-ish room you should keep the decor simple. This tree embraces a few carefully placed white stars, baubles, and lights. We love the white theme of the room. Embracing the simpler is better mentality? Anthropologie has some beautiful carved wood snowflakes that are white, minimalistic and inexpensive, check them out here.

3. Size doesn’t matter 

bryn alexandra

Sometimes it makes sense to buy that tiny tree. Whether it’s fake or real, you can’t cram a seven-foot tree into your student apartment, your studio flat or your bedroom at your parent’s house. As much as you’d like to. So opt for a smaller tree. Dinky doesn’t mean dull, though. A small tree can look seriously chic with smaller, colorful ornaments and cleverly placed lights.

H&M Home’s dinky copper and white Christmas ornaments are seriously perfect for a little tree. Check them out here.

4. Take some designer tips


All the most popular tree images on Pinterest have a few things in common, besides strategic placement and color scheme, you’ll notice they don’t have tinsel, sometimes opting for ribbon instead, and they use very small twinkling tree lights. Make sure you choose lights with wires the same color as your tree and avoid blinking, flashing or multi-colored lights if you want a classy looking tree.

Lights that are the same shape, color and consistency are the best. Nordstrom’s micro lights are designed with super cool trees in mind, so check them out here. 

Tip: Put your lights on first, add them starting from the bottom back following each branch outwards, then move up a level and start again until the whole tree is covered.

Taken some tips? Let us know how you’re decorating your tree this year.

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  1. Some really great ideas here! Getting round to decorating my christmas tree today so I’ll take some tips on board ;)


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