4 Signs That Your Bra Doesn’t Fit You – And How To Fix It


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The bane of most women’s lives and yet still one of the most important things you put on in the morning. Even so, over half of the female US population are wearing the wrong bra size and it’s causing havoc to their bodies! So we’ve narrowed down the problems the wrong bra can cause and how to fix it – you’re welcome!

Sign 1.

 ‘My straps are falling down’

This could mean you’re not getting the right support from your bra, so try adjusting the straps a little. If they still keep falling down, it may be time to change your band size.

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Sign 2.

‘My band is riding up at the back’

Your band should sit horizontally and firmly across your back. If it’s riding up, it means the bra is too big! So go down a size, from a 34 to a 32 for example.

Sign 3.

‘Help! My cups are too big/too small’

If you’re spilling over and have that dreaded double boob or your bra is crinkling and dented, it means your cup size is wrong! My suggestion would be to schedule a bra fitting at your local store, or simply go up or down a cup size.

Sign 4.

‘My back hurts!’

Again, support is a huge thing for your girls. They need to be properly fitted with a nice supportive holster to keep you and your body satisfied.

So there are my tips for stress-free bra buying, hope they’ve answered some of your burning questions regarding your bazookas.


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