4 Signs You Are In The Right Job


It’s easy to know when you’re in the wrong job, but even harder to know when you’re in the right one. You feel comfortable and happy, but you have bad days and sometimes wish for something better. Here are 4 signs that you’re in the right job, even if you are having a bad day!

You’re optimistic: You think the project you are working on is gonna be a disaster and the deadline is too soon? No one in your team is working except you and your boss is really coming down on you. Possibly you are in the wrong career.

If you’re in the right career your thoughts will go more like this, “I’ll have to work harder on this to make it work! I work better under pressure! We have to do a team meeting tomorrow so I can motivate them!” You get the point…when you are passionate about something you are way more likely to think positive about it.

Waking up is a breeze: When you love what you do it will be way easier to get out of bed in the morning. I see that every week myself – on Tuesdays I’m happy to wake up, I’m making breakfast and actually getting ready. While on Wednesdays, breakfast more or less consists of a breakfast bar and my sweatpants are my friends for the day. Why? On Tuesdays, my first two periods are Art and on Wednesdays they are Math. That kind of explains a lot. Moral of the story, if you hate waking up to go to work. You probably hate your work as well.

Time flies: You are definitely in the right career when your work days fly by! When you are enjoying something time will always pass quicker than when you are doing something that you don’t like. That’s natural and human. Be happy and grateful if you are blessed enough to have a work day that rolls on by.

The to-do list: We are all making our old but gold to-do lists in our favorite ‘WTF’ Desk Pad for work or basically anything. Although if you are in the right career you will be happy and excited to conquer it and not see it as a massive list we’ll never overcome. If you love your job, your to-do list will be filled with ideas and exciting ways to tackle things.

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By Benita Ilgenstein

  • Hannah Lucy

    Great post. I start my new job next week and I hope this is the case!

    Hannah | Oh January

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  • Skylar Frederick

    Great post! Giving me that extra bit of confidence to make a new move in my career

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