4 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy On The Go

Career girls are hardworking, passionate, driven, and most of all, busy. The busy lifestyle that comes with trying to be the best in our careers and lives can lead to constantly being on the go. For times when you need some refreshing ideas to stay healthy, here are 5 easy ways to stay in tip-top shape when you’re on the go.

Take some time the night before
We all say it, but none of us do  it. Seriously, taking 15 minutes to grab a plastic container and fill it with healthy and yummy food that will satisfy hunger, and having it all ready to go the next morning will make it easier to avoid the temptation of pulling the car over for a burger and fries. Read our article on snack swaps that will stop you from reaching for a burger, write down some ideas and plan your meals for a week if you possibly can!


Invest in things you love to encourage health!
For example, splurging on that super adorable reusable water bottle is a great reminder to drink water throughout the day. Purchasing nice snack containers or a lunch bag can help too. Get excited about your lunch with a dedicated lunchtime kit! Check out our list of items you should have on your desk and see if any of them will get you excited for lunchtime!

Don’t take lunch in the office…seriously!
We get it: the seemingly never-ending, super busy work day makes exercising hard, the most you walk is probably to the canteen and back. But we think you should take your lunch to a park bench, especially as the weather gets warmer! On breaks, or between appointments, step outside for even just 5 minutes. Go for a walk and breathe the fresh air. Maybe even snack on one of your healthy foods while you’re at it!

Be willing to splurge on treat food when needed.
Know your body and your needs; some days, it’s just better to get french fries and a milkshake then a celery stalk. Let those days happen. Just try, whenever possible, to switch out foods for healthier ones, like chocolate switch-ups.

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