4 Simple Skincare Mistakes Everybody Makes

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Standing in the mirror, trying to trace the effects of last night’s beauty mission seems impossible. I can’t help but feel I never get enough from my skincare products, and it’s that feeling I’m faced with every morning. Sometimes, I admit I skip on the strict routine that has become my beauty regiment. But like every girl, I want to look like the girl who has it all figured out. That girl knows how to make her skincare products work harder, and I’ve made it my mission to know how I can too:

1. It’s not the moisturizer, it’s you

I think every girl knows she needs to take her makeup off by now. But, news to us is that up to fifteen percent of makeup is left on your skin after cleansing. If your skin is completely clean then it stops the products you apply next from absorbing into the skin. Maybe that’s why those expensive moisturizers aren’t acting like they’re expensive?

Use a cleansing device that will actually remove 99.9% of dirt and makeup like the FOREO Luna. I tried it the other day and can’t believe I lived so long without it. Buy it here.

2. It’s all about the order

Skincare is one the biggest earners, so obviously, we’re not frightened to spend the money as long as we look good at the end of it. But when it comes to actually applying, the truth is that most of are lost.

Well, I know I am. But it’s all down to how you apply. You should take at least ten minutes when applying your products, be careful to how you apply, and how long you allow it to penetrate the skin. One little trick is to apply your eye cream before your moisturizer. An important tip to remember is what you apply first, penetrates first. Kahina has an amazing eye roller that I’m obsessed with at the moment. It’s the only one that actually gets rid of my undereye bags, and all you need to do is roll it on your dark circles! Find it here.

3. Don’t skip serums or facial oils

Serums and facial oils are a perfect agent because they have it all. They contain loads of ingredients that your skin struggles to live without. Whatever you’re trying to target, from hydration to repair, they do the trick. Since most serums contain powerful hydrating ingredients, they are an essential add-on to your routine.

I have been told that you should use your serum or oil when your face is damp, your products will work a lot better applied a minute after showering. The second secret is knowing how to layer properly, and following the rule thinnest to thickest can help you determine what goes first. Serums, however, do need to go first in your routine. My favorite at the moment is Herbivore’s Lapis Facial Oil. Oh My Gosh, you’ll love this one! Apply it beneath your everyday face cream, and it will help you achieve that glowing complexion you just can’t seem to get. Buy it here.

4. Combining Products

Not all products fit perfectly together like peanut butter and jelly. So it’s important to know what products work best with each other, and what ones cancel each other. The best way to avoid all this confusion is by just keeping it simple. You only need a facial cleanser, a serum, moisturizer, and suncream.

But, if you are in desperate need of that glow then mixing Becca’s incredible liquid illuminator with your facial oil will do just that. Using pea sized amounts mix them in your palm and spread over the face, which will take away the work you’ve been wearing on your face and replace it instead with GLOW. Buy it here.


What do you think of this skincare regime?

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    A trick that I just learned is to put under eye cream over your makeup in the middle of the day because it’ll help to spruce up that area without you having to cake on more concealer!


  • daphne siy

    Noted, I don’t use facial oils, but now I gotta find me one!


  • MILA

    i never use moisturizer and i feel like all i see everywhere is “moisturize moisturize moisturize”…. it just feels right for me

    ♡ Mila ♡

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