Travel Like A Pro: 4 Simple Ways To Pack Your Suitcase More Efficiently

It doesn’t really matter if you go on a weekend break or on a 2-week holiday, packing your suitcase is always a struggle. What should you bring? What can stay at home? Are you really going to wear that dress? And are 15 bikini’s really necessary?

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Personally, it doesn’t really matter where I go or for how long, I always need to bring half my wardrobe. I need to have that feeling that I can choose whatever I want and not regret not taking a certain item with me.

Most of us girls can definitely use ‘packing more efficiently’ course and with the Summer holiday coming up, these 4 simple ways to pack you suitcase more efficiently might just come in handy!

#1 – Make a day-to-day plan

Over packing is for travel rookies (guilty!) and not only that, it might even cost you unnecessary money which you could have used during your trip instead of items you might not even wear. We often pack things we don’t need, while we can calculate beforehand how much clothes we need. Making a day-to-day plan sounds boring, but it gives you so much more ‘peace’ while packing. Instead of just taking everything out of your closet and putting into your suitcase, try to ‘plan’ your days in your head and what clothes/makeup and accessorizes would be appropriate for that. It is always wise to bring 1 or 2 extra sets of clothes, but don’t exaggerate with this.

#2 – Look at the weather

Hopefully, this is an obvious one for all of us. Before you go somewhere, check the weather to see what kind of clothes you should bring and what can definitely stay at home. If it is 40 degrees, you don’t need to bring 4 jumpers. It is always a good idea to bring a cardigan, jeans or a spare jacket for when you go back home but more than that probably won’t be necessary.

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#3 – Rolling or folding

Now the real struggle begins, putting everything in your suitcase. The mother of one of my best friend recommended rolling your clothes instead of folding them. A whole new world opened up for me, and although it might not even matter a lot in terms of space, personally, I feel like I can fit in a lot more when I roll my clothes.

Folding will leave less wrinkles in your clothes but indeed takes up more space. Rolling takes up less space than folding, but if done incorrectly will wrinkle your clothes more than folding. I prefer to use both methods while packing. I start with folding and use the ‘free’ spaces for clothes that can be rolled.

#4 – Start packing

When you went through the previous steps, lay out all the clothes, accessories and makeup that you want to bring with you and start packing. In case you still need a little help with what to put where in and how to order your suitcase,  Louis Vuitton came up with a very useful video: ‘The Art of Packing’ that will help you with the final step of making you a real travel pro:

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  1. I’ve been practicing these tips for years. If you use the suction bags, it won’t matter if folded or rolled- clothes are wrinkle free! Always pack a power strip for recharging all devices in one spot.

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