4 Small Steps To Take If You Work Too Hard

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Ok so you’re blitzing your work two weeks into the new job, gunning for that promotion or working hard for a raise, we’ve all been there. We tend to turn into a crazed, sleep-deprived, super driven (and maybe not in the good way) workaholic. But how can you stay on top of your work, hit your deadlines whilst steering away from the workaholic camp? Easy!

1. Tone your ambition down . . . slightly

You’re probably thinking, ‘What?! But that’s what I want to be!’. You don’t have to stop being driven by achievements – just tone it down a little. Don’t forget the age-old saying, Life is the journey, not the destination. Think about applying that to your work. Instead of just focusing on that deadline and getting everything done as efficiently and speedily as possible, take the time to do your work well.

I’m talking quality not quantity here. The fact is, if you take the time to go through the task properly instead of speeding onto your next project, you may find areas that you can cut back on, expediting the process. You can then apply these time-saving measures next time you do the task or when you’re given a similar project – that way you’ll be putting out quality work and may save time doing it!

2. Try to stop being a workaholic

There are some pretty easy steps to implement here. Set yourself a time that you absolutely must go home. It could be 5pm or 6pm, heck it might even be 7:30pm if you’re constantly at your desk at 8pm! But set a time and stick to it. Pause what you’re doing with any relevant notes so that you can easily pick it back up in the morning.

Next tip – always take your lunch break. Even if you’re literally leaving your desk for 10 minutes to eat, that’s progress. If anyone questions you when you get back, you can always tell them you had tuna or something equally pungent that you didn’t think the rest of the office would have appreciated smelling!

3. Learn ways to de-stress and relax

Now this the second most important step here. You need to find ways to relax and de-stress that you like. Activities that help some people (baths, facials, sleeping in on weekends) may be a little too chill for you. If that’s the case try some active relaxation like a yoga or pilates class or take a walk through your local park – getting out into nature can do wonders!


4. Enjoy it!

Here’s the most important and probably for you, the hardest tip. Once you’ve found your de-stress/relaxation activities, you have to learn to enjoy them. Enjoy the downtime, the time away from your desk, away from your computer.

If you’re not enjoying your relaxation and are just thinking of the next time you’ll be back in front of your inbox, then it’s not working. You’ll probably have to make yourself enjoy your downtime, but after a while, it’ll start becoming second nature.

Follow these four tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a more efficient worker who’s out the door on time and is more balanced thanks to your downtime!


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  • Natalie Harney

    Learning to enjoy the down time, without thinking about the work you could/should be doing is absolutely key

    – Natalie

  • MihaBalan

    It is also not easy to town down your ambitions because from my experience at a work place you are always surrounded by people that want more and more and work hard therefore you also want to prove that.
    Of course it should be a balance :)

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