4 Small Things That Could Make Or Break Your Interview

photo: rocky barnes


You know the basics. Arrive on time, be polite, and don’t turn up in flip-flops. You get it – but for some reason, you still haven’t got this interview thing nailed. It may be time to look at the small details that often get overlooked so that from now on you can stand out from the crowd and shine that bit brighter.

Don’t forget to be aware of how you present yourself early on. I’m not talking about the initial handshake. Rather, when you first enter the building (or even before). How you greet the receptionist and whether you smile at others you pass in the corridor are all being noted. Although you may be nervous, remember the interview may have already begun. Be mindful of this and present your best self to start off right.

As with all successful applications, you need to tailor your interview to express your knowledge and passion for the particular role and company. By knowing the company history and any exciting projects underway, you can let your interviewer know that you are committed to them. Tailor your answers to complement the company values (check out their website!) and the skills they are seeking, as per the job specification.

One trick I learned that landed me a job that I was inexperienced for on paper, is to bring a small report to the interview. Here you can include data on successes from your previous role and an assessment or list of ideas for the company you are interviewing for. This way you are showing initiative, showcasing your skills, and providing a memorable element to your interview process.

If you don’t ask questions at the end of the interview you risk looking disinterested. Although it can be tempting to offer a limp handshake and make a run for the door – these last few moment can be crucial to locking down that dream job. Stick in there and ask a few well thought out and specific questions ideally relevant to current projects or future developments.


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