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4 Smart Ways To Overcome Shyness At Work


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Sometimes we all have our days. Days where we don’t necessarily feel like being around people; days where we’d rather relax and not have to accommodate or entertain; days where we’d rather save energy. Because that’s what it takes to be a career girl; a clued up, switched on, on the ball, full of beans, up the guts kind of girl looking to make an impact and do something great.

Energy in and energy out, us girls still need to save some in the tank for ourselves if you know what I mean. And since we all have different size plates with different abilities, talents, personalities and schedules, we all react differently to the way we socialise and give of ourselves externally. While there is absolutely no right or wrong, career girls who tend to go more into themselves at work may find comfort in a few of these coping mechanisms to handle social business in the office like a boss.

Get preppin’

Sometimes the weekends feel way too short and before we know it, Monday comes barging right back around. You can probably anticipate what the office might be like and how you can add to the atmosphere. Try thinking ahead. Perhaps sharing a short funny/interesting story about something that happened to you over the weekend could be a nice way to take the pressure off knowing what to say, particularly if you don’t feel too good about being put on the spot. Even asking open-ended questions afterwards could give your colleagues a chance to chime in too. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Power pose your way through it

Research has shown that relatively shy people who practised holding several different power poses for as little as two minutes before an interview that would otherwise cause anxiety, overwhelm and shyness helped them to have the confidence they needed to perform exceptionally well under pressure.

Before a meeting, speech or presentation slip away to the bathroom and stand legs shoulder width apart with arms on hips, head high, occupying as much space and making yourself as wide, confident and strong for two minutes and you will walk into your meeting a different woman. Think about the most strong moment you’ve ever experienced, take big deep breaths and tell yourself you’ve never felt stronger. It really is a mental game.

Bring out that alter-ego

This is a time to get creative, if you could have any alter-ego who would it be and why? Beyonce AKA Sasha Fierce otherwise renowned as quiet and shy will let the alter-ego come out in full force when it’s time to perform. All for the sake of self-preservation, Miss Sasha comes out to play so that Bey can deal with the copious amounts of energy it takes to entertain. Having an alter-ego will help you to get in the zone, become less concerned with the scrutiny from others and more focused on the fun you could have creating a new persona without the fear or risk of rejection.

Acknowledge that you are one incredible human being

What is it that actually makes you shy? Is someone intimidating? Are you lacking confidence and if so, in what? Is it shyness that you feel or anxiety? Really getting to the core of these issues and understanding why you could be feeling this way may lead to seeking answers and ultimately a long-term resolution.

No-one should ever have to feel uncomfortable or shy at work as it can be isolating and leads to other unhappy emotions. If the feelings run deep never be afraid to seek professional guidance or find that one friend at work you can confide in. You’re not alone and you certainly are worth the time figuring these things out. You can totally own this!

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Georgia is an Ex-Flight Attendant/Personal Assistant gone Entrepreneur, Writer and Blogger. She has a love for business coupled with creative expression and lives to be an advocate for empowering women. A kiwi girl living in Paris with her hubby and their four year old husky, she believes every girl has an obligation to follow their dreams and make an impact on the world.


  1. Gemma Carey says

    Thanks for these tips! I often get shy at work so I’ll definitely remember this!

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