The 4-Step Plan To Tame Frizzy Hair For Good


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With summer comes humidity, which can spell disaster for girls with frizzy hair. I’m all too familiar with my freshly styled hair becoming nothing more than a fluffy, puffy mess within half an hour of leaving the house.

I’ve tried my fair share of shampoos, serums, oils and sprays in the pursuit of a sleek, smooth finish that actually lasts, so here are some tips and tricks you may not know about to help end your ongoing battle against flyaways. Goodbye. frizz!


STEP ONE: Seal the cuticle before you wash
Boar Bristle brushes have been used since the 1800s and for good reason! The bristles naturally condition the hair by distributing an even amount of sebum from the scalp to the end, while stimulating the scalp and sealing the cuticle – a must for any frizzy haired girl! After washing, seal the cuticle with a blast of cold water (or cold air on your hair dryer) to keep your hair smooth and soft.

STEP TWO: Don’t make the number one washing mistake
So when you wash your hair, you want to start from the back of your scalp and massage the shampoo up to the front area.

Don’t distribute shampoo through the ends of your hair, as this becomes very drying – and the ends don’t need to be shampooed anyway. When hair drying, don’t flatten your hair over your parting either, as that creates flyaways and makes you lose texture – dry it all over and use a diffuser. If you really struggle with frizz, use Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer – for hydration, smoothness and bounce in a bottle!

STEP THREE: Ditch your old bath towels
Now, I’m definitely a firm believer in the towel-on-head method when it comes to drying my hair, but did you know that regular, terry cloth bath towels are too heavy and rough for the job.

Their weight and texture actually promotes frizz, causing those annoying, short and broken hairs that will stick up and annoy you all day. Switch to a micro fibre towel like the Aquis Lisse Hair Towel for a much smoother finish.

STEP FOUR: Be pillow smart 
If you haven’t noticed yet, the key to a frizz free finish is keeping the hair friction free and not exposing it to rough surfaces. Illuminage’s Silk Rejuvenating Pillowcases actually smooth your hair overnight, meaning you’ll never wake up with a bedhead again! They contain Copper Oxide and pack some serious skincare benefits too – now that’s what we call beauty sleep!


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  • Zoe Mountford

    Ok I have been doing it all wrong! Definitely taking on these tips thank you x

    Zoe Mountford x

    • Elishia Chave

      Me too!! I might manage to style my hair nicely from now on!

  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks for sharing ! This is gonna be so useful for me

  • dreamofadventures

    I use OGX organic kukui oil in the winter to deal with my frizzy hair =o)

  • Aoife Marie

    I love these tips! If you can’t get your hands on a micro fiber towel, a T-shirt works just as well!

  • Anika May

    Awesome tips!

    Anika |

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