4 Steps To Start A Business From Scratch With (Almost) No Money


Wondering how to start a business that works? You might have a genius business idea that you want to get off the ground, but there’s one thing holding you back – money. You don’t need bucket loads of cash to start a business, you just need to be smart and dedicated.

Our brand new Business As Usual journal will help guide you through the process of building a business from picking apart your ideas to naming your brand, building a social media strategy, marketing your business, tracking your expenses and planning for the future. If you want to build the business of your dreams, click here to work through the journal and start making your dreams into reality.



Build your business around what you know, the skills you possess and the knowledge you have. The less you have to rely on others, the cheaper it will be for you to begin. Why not check out this list of questions to ask yourself before you start a business?

Maybe you worked at a company and got a lot of knowledge about fashion trends, you could use that knowledge to launch your own clothing business, for example. Be realistic, and use your skills to develop your business.

Try to make sure your idea solves a problem or satisfies a need that people have. One of the first exercises in the Business As Usual journal is designed to help you analyze your skills and decide what you can use in your own business.



You don’t need one million to start your business. You can use the Business As Usual journal to track your expenses and make predictions about what you might actually need.

There’s no one fee for building a business. Some businesses require a lot of capital, other’s don’t. If you want to start up your own business, think about one with relatively low investments at the beginning. You don’t want to buy lots of equipment at the beginning.

There are other tools you can use to keep your costs low too, for example, if you’re thinking of hiring a designer, why not use a logo maker or a tool like Canva to make banners and marketing materials, to begin with?

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Now it’s time to be practical – who are your customers and how are you going to make money. Do people actually want your business? What sets you apart from the competition?

The earlier chapters of the Business As Usual journal will help you focus on this, from naming your business (and learning how the big brands chose their own names), to filling in your SWOT exercise, analyzing the competition and building a marketing plan that will help you reach your dream customer. When you do all this with the Business As Usual journal, it’ll help you think creatively about how you can reach them with little/no investment.



Every possible thing you want to achieve needs a plan B because it will often go awry. And no, to grow your business and achieve big things, you don’t need to inject cash into it. You just need to think outside the box.

Need a website? What’s the cheapest tool you can use? Can you find a coding expert on a site like People Per Hour to help you with small things? Do you know anyone who’d do a skill swap instead of expecting cash? There are many ways you can overcome limits on your business that are put there by money. Check out the best books that will help you start up your business here

In the Business As Usual journal, you’ll find out how Steve Jobs came up with the name for ‘Apple’, and how much the Nike logo originally cost ($35!), which should help you realize that not all businesses start perfectly. Remember, YouTube started as a dating site!

You can click here for the Business As Usual Journal, we designed this to help you map out your business as you go along and turn your ideas into a successful business!


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