4 Successful Women Share Their 2019 Goals

2019 is well underway, what are you doing to make your goals and resolutions a reality? You need to work towards improving yourself and becoming a better person constantly, whether it’s January 1st or July 14th. If you want to make this year yours, you need to step up, work hard, and prove to yourself that you can do it. You can push yourself out of your comfort zone, no fear or doubt should hold you back.

So, with that in mind, the best inspiration is often the women we look up to. I did some digging and tried to find out what the most inspiring and successful women of our time are trying to improve on in 2019.

1. More meditation


As we all know, Gwyneth Paltrow is quite the wellness guru. It might surprise you to know that she wants to make time for more meditation in 2019. Once a year, Gwyneth completes a detox, and this year is no different. She’s making time for herself, watching what she puts in her body and meditating more. “I think one of my favorite things about detox is I always feel super awake to my body and what’s happening. I think we’re all so busy and rushing around and doing so much, and we don’t even realize the impact of a stimulant.”

This year, be a bit more like Gwyneth and try to slow down if things are going too fast. You won’t regret it.


2. Stop being a workaholic


Victoria Beckham is known to work really hard, she always tries to make time for herself and her family, but this year, her goal is to slow down. She wants to take less time on her phone, have a little word with herself and shut the phone down at 6 PM, make more time for her family, and try harder on her work/life balance.

We all struggle to shut off when work is busy, it can make the year fly by, but this year you need to slow down, take stock, and think about how things are going. Turn off your phone, mute your emails in the evening, relax and unwind.


3. Be daring


Jennifer Lopez always has some wise words about being your best self and getting stuff done. This year, she had a moment of reflection for the year past and shared that she had some very easy goals she wanted to stick to, “The past year was one of realizing our limitless power and this year will be putting that into serious action!! So be daring, be fun, be kind, be courageous, be dependable, be committed to what makes your heart sing and your spirits soar.. be relentless in the pursuit of your passions. And most of all be loving.”

As well as specific goals, J-LO wants to continue being daring, fun, kind, loving, and kicking ass. She will continue to push herself into new roles, new experiences, new workouts, all in the name of being her very best self. It’s hard work, but she loves it. So don’t let yourself be lazy this year, get up and get ’em.


4. Look after yourself


Beyonce is unashamedly proud of Veganuary and trying out a vegan diet, and this year she’s urging others to join her, both herself and Jay Z have realized that it’s more than a ‘diet’ it’s about health and lifestyle. Not only your own health but the health of the planet. Which is why she’s urging others to make responsible choices for themselves. This year, why not try to learn the real origins of the foods you love, think about social responsibility as well as your own health. You want to only put in your body what makes you feel good.

Take a leaf out of Beyonce’s book and be kinder to yourself this year, make better choices and educate yourself on what you’re eating and buying.



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