4 Super Simple Ways To End Each Work Day Happy


It’s important to love your job and be happy at the end of the work day. You should end each day proud of the work you’ve done, on a high, not stressed or in a bad mood. This is your career! So love what you do and leave each day with a smile. It’s not always easy, we feel ya girl when you’re running on three hours sleep or you’re stressed, or tasks keep piling up on top of you – it can feel impossible to end the day with a smile. But don’t fret. We have literally all been there, and still managed to finish the day with a spring in our step…here’s how.

Organization is key

A to-do list is your best friend! Being able to work through your tasks and finish the day knowing you’ve achieved your goals is a sure-fire way to leave you happy at the end of a long day. If you have time, set out your to-do list for the next day before you leave. Then you know your plan for tomorrow so can enjoy your evening to yourself – sit back and relax, you’ve earned it!

Enjoy your evening

I don’t mean a social event every night of the week, you’d be exhausted! Just knowing you have something to look forward to like a chapter of a good book to read, or you’re trying out a new recipe when you get back means your excited about your evening. Having something planned will push you to work to your absolute best so you can enjoy yourself later.

Compliment others

There’s no better feeling than making someone else feel good about themselves! So why not set yourself a target to compliment your coworkers on their good work! I don’t mean be the office suck-up, but saying a nice comment here or there will instantly brighten someone’s day, and you’ll leave the office knowing you’ve put a smile on someone’s face – not just your own!

Leave your workspace clean

It’s getting close to 5, and you’re rushing to get everything finished – what makes this scenario even more stressful? An unorganized workspace. Not knowing where those important files are, or where you left your notebook will make your day hectic, and leave you feeling grumpy and tired. A clear workspace means a clear mind, and an organized workspace means leaving the office feeling happy!




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