4 Things To Discuss On Your Lunch Break Today


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Lots of things are going on at the moment that will make for great lunch break convos. Find out what your co-workers think about these things, and take your lunch break convos to the next level.

Emma Watson’s One Young World Summit Speech

Her speeches just get better and better! This latest one was in Canada at the One Young World Summit, where Emma discussed women’s rights. The platform brings young leaders together to discuss some of the world’s greatest problems. Here, Emma talks about the abuse she’s suffered since her first UN Speech, seven statements that terrify her but that she wants to live her life by, and the importance of intersectionality. Watch it here:

Vlogger Wants Disney To Have Plus-Size Princesses

Loey Lane is a vlogger with nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers. She recently partnered with Cosmopolitan to create a video demanding some plus-size Disney princesses. Lane talks about her experience being bullied by kids for looking like the villain Ursula from The Little Mermaid and argues for the need for more diversity in Disney animations.

Kim Kardashian Held At Gunpoint And Robbed

The media was thrown into uproar this week when selfie-queen Kim Kardashian was reportedly ‘gagged and held at gunpoint’ by a group of thieves. The group, who were dressed as the police, stole over $11 million worth of jewelry including a huge diamond ring. Kim was shaken but unharmed and is now home safe. We discussed the dangers of social media in our office and decided anyone could end up like Kim.

iOS10 Launched Across Apple Products

The new update is here and is better than ever. iOS10 includes features like a GIF keyboard and a ‘drawing setting’ which allows users to send live drawings to one another. Get creative and get sending!

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