4 Things To Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

We all have our bad days, everything goes wrong, nothing seems to go your way and you are just not feeling good enough. It is on those down days where you feel like you deserve nothing and you don’t love yourself. Some people are lucky to not have those days at all, and some Career Girls, unfortunately, will have it more often than others.

In case you’re having a bad day try to always keep these 4 things in mind:

Everyone compares themselves to other people
If there is one thing all us girls need to stop doing it is comparing ourselves with others. It is probably one of the most hurtful and cruel things we do to ourselves.Everyone does it, even the most confident and successful persons you know will compare themselves to the people around them.

Instead of comparing yourself to others through a lens of jealousy and judgment, try to look at people for who they actually are without comparing yourself but more as an inspiration or a motivation.

Don’t believe everything your mind tells you..
You are the one that controls your mind and thoughts are just thoughts, but at the same time, they can be very powerful. Whenever you have negative thoughts about yourself, try to sum up all the good things you have done in life, all your achievements and all the journeys you have survived. Positive thinking is positive living!

Make peace with your past and present so you can have a bright future
Making peace with your past and embracing your present is sometimes a difficult thing to do, yet they are very important. You can never be fully satisfied when there are still negative feelings from the past lingering around you. If you make peace with your past and embrace your present, your journey towards your goal will be more satisfying and peaceful.

Focus on your progress rather than perfection
Especially when you focus on ”getting everything right” it can lead to ‘down days’ when things are not working out as planned. We all want success and perfection and when that doesn’t happen we feel worthless, which is also a cause of self-loathing.

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