4 Things You Should Do During The Day To Win At Life

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Day-to-day we often neglect ourselves. Do these 4 things during your day to ensure you win at life!

Hands up how many of us rush through the day with little time to eat going from A to B and feel like crap when it’s all over? We love our career, love being organized and love being busy (even if it might not necessarily be good for us), but we need to think about our health too. Here are 4 things you should do during the day that will boost your mood, help you live longer, give you the glow your exes will be envious of AND help you be more successful – that’s a promise.

1. Take Supplements

Want a spring in your step? Thick hair? Perfect skin? Well there’s only so much you can do externally, you need to nourish from within, too. We recently had our skin scanned to find out exactly what we’re need and we were quite shocked at the results! Read our guide here! Or if you want to get great skin from within, check out these simple food swaps.

2. Go outside

If you’re cooped up in an office or working from home and the only time you get to go outdoors is when you’re commuting, you need to schedule some time for a walk. Even taking a bus with no destination is better than rushing around, try to get some time to just stare out of the window while you listen to music – creativity will come quickly and you’ll be able to look at things with a fresh perspective. Click here to find out why the most successful people recommend going for regular walks.

3. Laugh

Seriously, if you can’t remember the last time you laughed Dr. Beth is prescribing you a comedy film evening stat. How To Be Single starring the fabulous Rebel Wilson is the perfect feel-good film to get you giggling, if you need it.

4. Be active

Nothing beats stress and lethargy like 15 minutes exercise. Whether you dance, run, walk or have a water balloon fight with your brother, we recommend limbering up and stretching those weary muscles. Your body deserves to be in it’s best shape! I know it sounds like we always go on about it but when you’re older even though you might look young, your body could be giving you away!

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  1. I try to do 2 & 4 together by on an hour’s walk after work most days. It helps me clear my head and I get some exercise and feel great.

    Inma x

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