4 Things Your Job Interviewer Really Wants To Know

What do job interviewers really want to know about you during a job interview? They ask a lot of questions and write down a lot of things, but you never know what they are actually looking for by asking all these questions.

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Interviews are already nerve-wracking and intimidating enough, so a good preparation is never useless. If you are aware of what the interviewer really wants to know about you, it is easier for you to prepare yourself and feel more confident during the interview.

Luckily for you, CGD got this part covered, so here are 4 things your job interviewer really wants to know:

#1 – What do you bring to the table?

What extra skills can you bring to the table? Most of the work that you will be doing is already defined, but there is always a small percentage that depends on what extra expertise or skills you have that can add value to the company. So if you fit all requirements of the job description, look at what extra skills, experience or expertise you have that you can use for the position.

#2 – Are you capable of doing the job?

Do you fit all the knowledge, skills and experience that you will need to successfully do the job? Study the job requirements and be honest with yourself, do you have got what it takes or not? If you have, make sure you prepare some career experience stories that you can share during your interview that show you are capable to do the job.

#3 – Will you fit in with the team and in the company?

You can bring a lot of extra skills and knowledge to the table and fit the full job requirement but if you don’t fit the team, they still might not hire you. Teamwork is important in a lot of companies and within the team cohesiveness is key, and if they can see beforehand that you will not fit in the team or in the company it is wise not to hire you because it can affect the team performance.

#4 – Where are you at risk?

All new employees are at risk, whether it is that you are overqualified or miss a skill that is required for the job. The weakness question, that is almost always asked during an interview, is asked to see where you could be at risk. So it is wise to take time and think of what could be the risk the companies takes by hiring you and be honest with yourself.

You can use this answer for the weakness question during the interview, but also make sure you mention that you are working on it and would like to improve that weakness to show you take it seriously.

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  • Aleeha

    These are really useful great tips! Thanks for sharing.
    Aleeha xXx

  • Erica Rodriguez

    Thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for my next interview.


  • Lauren

    Great tips, really helps you prepare yourself thank you!

    Lauren x
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  • Amanda

    Very helpful! Many college students looking for jobs or internships often don’t realize the hidden questions interviewers are asking and what they really want to know about you.


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