4 Tips On How To Find A Job Through Social Media

Finding a job is harder than it used to be but, on the other hand, you have more possibilities in landing yourself a job.

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Social media is an underrated method when talking about finding a job. It is easier than ever for companies to find information about candidates who applied for a position and at the same time it is easier for us applicants to connect with companies and key figures that are already working for the companies of our dreams.

Some companies recruit via social media, Spotify USA is one of those companies that has some great examples of how social media can be used to land yourself a job in a creative way.

Today, CGD will give you some core tips on how to find yourself a job via social media.

#1 – Keep your Linkedin account up-to-date

Even though you send your CV with most of your applications, also make sure your Linkedin account is a good representative of yourself. 99% of recruiters will do a Google search on you, and if you still have a sloppy, not up-to-date Linkedin account it can come across as not professional.

#2 – Get in contact by following companies and key figures

Linkedin and Facebook allow you to follow companies and join groups, this way you will stay up-to-date with all  the developments in your field, have the possibility to engage with people who are working in the same field and network with people you would otherwise never have met.

#3 – Post interesting content

Keep yourself up-to-date with the developments in your field and respond to, retweet and share interesting content. Some key figures give their opinion on their social media platforms, which gives you the opportunity to engage with them. When they receive your application and do a Google search on you, they already can see your interest in their company and your pro-activity in your field.

#4 – Keep it professional

These are not your personal accounts so always keep it professional. It is always good to show some personality in your social media accounts, but you can do that without telling the whole world how drunk you were last weekend or what an asshole your ex-boyfriend is.

Do you have any other things that we need to stop doing in order to become more productive? Share it with us and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Bloglovin!

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  1. I’m sure many are staying away from this approach simply because keeping their Facebook clean seems rather time-consuming. “No! Don’t post that pick of me on the dance floor! Please!”. It may be a bit exhausting day after day.

    All the same, it’s a great idea for those who have a pretty calm social life, appropriate friends, and have their s**t together!

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