4 Tips For Practicing Mindfulness At The Office

For the last few weeks, we have written a lot of articles about the reason why everybody should be mindful. It helps us to focus on what’s important and helps us think clearly. At work, it’s important to be in the moment and think clearly, so here’s how you can be mindful in the office!

# Breathing

Mindful breathing is something that you can do everywhere at any time. You just need to take a break from whatever you are doing at work, lean back and just focus on your breathing. Whenever you notice that your thoughts are starting to wander, make sure that you pay attention to your breathing. After you’ve done five times you can go back to work and you will immediately feel more relaxed.

# Walking 

This is something that is also super easy to incorporate into your work-life. If you’re on your way to a meeting, try to focus on every step you take. If you’re not in a hurry try to walk slowly. It will calm you down and make you feel more balanced in your next meeting.

# Listening

I think we all have these moments when we talk to people and as soon as the conversation ends you have no idea what the other person actually said. We just listen to people with the intention of replying with what we think is important. Next time you’re in a conversation with your colleaguestry to practice listening. Look the other person directly in the eye and focus of what the person wants to say and not what you would like to add to that topic.

# Talking

When it comes to talking, a lot of people (including me) talk without thinking. The words just come out of your mouth and you realize what you said after you already said it. Sometimes actions like that can create chaos. Try to choose your words more carefully, talk slower and really remind yourself to think before you start talking. That way you won’t seem as stressed while talking and it will calm the people around you down and create a completely different atmosphere.

By Hannah Lutterbach

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Featured photo via Not Your Standard