4 Tricks For Waking Up Happy Every Single Day

We all know that Anna Wintour gets up at a ridiculous hour to play tennis, in fact, most successful women are constantly blowing our morning porridge and half-asleep coffee out of the water. They seem to get up earlier, fit more in and have better, more streamlined lives.

They often say perfect is the enemy of good, trying to be ‘perfect’ and have a ‘perfect’ life will sabotage you in the end. While waking up at the crack of dawn to play tennis might sound like something Anna Wintour does to be a productivity machine, she most likely does it because it makes her happy. That’s something we forget from time to time.

When you’re building a morning routine, make sure it actually adds to your quality of life. We’re not robots, and while it’s great to wake up and work, work, work, we also need time and space for ourselves. Here’s how to embrace happiness starting from tomorrow morning.

Wake up early and put in your headphones

Wake up earlier than you have to, and to keep you awake, alert, and ready to go get ’em, put in your headphones and play your favorite upbeat tunes. This will put you in a really great mood for the day and help you to start as you mean to go on, happier than ever before!

Your brain might be in the half-sleepy state, but your body should be alert and ready to go. Once you flood your brain with happy music, there’s nothing stopping you.

Do one thing you love

This could be writing, working out, a bike ride, making art. It’s completely up to you. At first, you might resist the early wake-up call, but if you reward your brain enough, you will get used to the fact that you’re waking up and rewarding yourself. And you’ll actually start to want to wake up in the morning and spend that time on yourself.

You can use the Getting Stuff Done planner to make sure you’re staying on top of all your to-dos and tasks, but also, that you’ve made time for the things you love too. By filling in the self-care section and keeping yourself on track, you’re making a promise to yourself to be your happiest, most productive self. Find the Getting Stuff Done planner here.

Journal when you can

Every other morning, try to find at least half an hour to write in a journal. It can be tricky because life gets busy, but it will really make a difference to your happiness. Take a lined notebook and start to write your ‘morning pages’, don’t even worry if they’re full of negatives. Often, our journals are full of small worries and negative thoughts. It doesn’t mean you’re a negative person if you allow yourself to focus on negatives, it’s human – and completely normal.

What you should do instead, is let the negativity flow freely for half an hour onto the page. All the things that are cluttering up your mind need space to go. Visualize yourself physically extracting the negativity from your mind and onto the page, and when your day actually begins, you’ll feel as though you’ve lightened the load substantially. You’ll be happy, worry-free, and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Be the positivity you want to see

I see it every single morning. People are just not as happy as they could be. And it’s almost contagious. The man who bumped into you and didn’t apologize puts you in a bad mood, then the woman who stops in front of you later gets the brunt of that bad mood. She then goes on to infect someone else with it. Can you imagine what kind of morning routine we’re all creating, venting our morning moods at each other?

Instead, be the positivity you want to see. Smile and let it go. Don’t get pent up and spread it around. Try to be as helpful and as smiley as you can in the mornings and see what kind of changes you notice. Even if you don’t feel it. Even if it rained on your dress or you spilled your coffee, take a deep breath, count to five and smile. Water off a duck’s back, as we say!


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