4 TV Shows That Are Perfect For A Weekend Binge-Watch

As soon as my work day is over all I can do is count down the minutes until I’m wrapped up on the sofa, sprawled out in front of the TV. There’s no better way to zone out from a stressful, busy day than to indulge in a little bit of binge watching.

#1 Line Of Duty

The incredibly successful and well-talked about BBC Two show recently returned to our screens for its third series and viewers are already keen to find out if there will be a fourth series to look forward to – rumour has it there will be! Line of Duty is a truly brilliant drama series following the investigations of a Police Anti-Corruption unit, all three series are available on Netflix just waiting to be devoured.

#2 Game of Thrones

It’s back and it’s more gripping than ever, if you haven’t yet watched this show then you have an awful lot of catching up to do, but it is well worth your time. Don’t you want to know why everyone is saying ‘Hold the door!’ and weeping?

#3 The Night Manager

A British-American series based on the 1993 novel that puts a modern spin on the story of a former British Soldier that is recruited as an intelligence operative. But much more than that, everybody lost their minds when they saw Tom Hiddleston’s rear – plus the story is really compelling. So watch it!

#4 iZombie 

Ever wanted to just watch a show that gets you sucked in and has a bit of a ridiculous premise? iZombie didn’t really catch us with its name but it was in the Netflix featured area and we got sucked in. It features high achiever Liv, who never really lived (really?) until she was dead, becoming a zombie and solving crime by eating the brains of the deceased. It sounds weird but it is actually compelling, funny and a really easy watch. It got 96% on Rotten Tomatoes girls, trust us, you will get sucked in. Just wait.



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  1. Ooh, they sound like great recommendations! I’ve already watched Game of Thrones and The Night Manager (both excellent by the way – would recommend as well). I’ll have to check out iZombie and Line of Duty as well. Thank goodness for Netflix! :)

  2. I am so into GoT right now! And I’ve also watched iZombie and it is great!


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