4 Types Of Haters And How To Handle Them

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Someone wise once said that haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate…But just because someone is acting terribly doesn’t mean that you have to sink to their level.

There are plenty of ways to deal with mean-spirited people, but your success in fending them off depends largely on identifying them and handling them effectively. Our top four types of haters are….

The Sabotager: He steals your ideas and touts them as his own without giving credit; she talks disparagingly about you behind your back. You might be in direct competition with this person, or you might have no idea what their problem is. Either way, they’re the bee in your bonnet you just can’t shake.

How to deal with them: Ignore them wherever possible, and when you see objectionable behaviour, call them out on it — if not to stop their behavior, then to let them know you’re aware it’s happening and that you’re not OK with it.

The Frenemy: Backhanded compliments are her forte and too-vague posts about how some people don’t deserve their success litter her Facebook. Yet she likes your Instagrams and LinkedIn changes, so you know she’s watching.

How to deal with them: Don’t let their jealousy dull your sparkle. You’re too busy to pay attention anyhow!


The “I Doubt It” Girl: Everyone has this person…tell them an idea, they’ll find 5 things that will go wrong with it. Tell them what you’re excited for, they’ll plant the seeds of doubt in your mind. If you fail, they’re there with an “I told you so!” If you succeed, they’re always around to tell you that your ‘lucky streak’ won’t last.

How to deal with them: First – stop telling them your life’s ambitions, as you’re pouring your heart into a poison well. But there’s a hidden superpower that Debbie Downer possesses. If you think an idea is too good to be true, and there’s no way you can fail, bounce ideas off this type of hater to navigate the pitfalls before you encounter them first-hand.

The Bragger: Whether or not this person has something to brag about is never an issue — nothing will stop this person from broadcasting the highlights of their life. Traits include story-topping (“You got a bonus? Oh, I got one last month that was MUCH bigger…”), and dismissing other people’s accomplishments.

How to deal with them: Kill them with kindness. Build up your peers in their company, comment about how well other people are doing. We’re women, after all; we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down. The world doesn’t need any more haters!

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