I remember when I was a child, and weekends seemed to stretch forever. When Sunday rolled around it meant a bath and early to bed. Sometimes in the summer it would still be light, and I would watch the rest of the kids on my street playing outside. Cursing Sunday and hating the fact that Monday was coming around the corner to ruin my weekend. That feeling of ‘hate’ for Sunday continued throughout my young adulthood, and I’m sure you can all relate.

Sunday is a strange day in popular culture, we attach a sort of mild panic (and alarm!) to Sunday, memes, videos, movies, and songs even proclaim that Sunday’s are the worst because Monday is coming. But popular culture has only done so much to ruin the reputation of Sunday, it’s time to claim it back.

Change your mindset about Sunday evening and you’ll get so much more out of it – trust me. We’re part of the generation that doesn’t believe in hating Monday. If you dread work, you need to change things to make it better. Start loving Sunday and the rest of the week will be as positive…

Create your knockout list

Set aside some time on Sunday evening to plan your perfect Monday. The best thing to do is put a timer on for thirty minutes and organize your life. I always start by writing down a brain dump of everything I need to do during the week, most of the time it seems worse than it actually is. I’ll then go into my Getting Things Done planner and plan a more in-depth day.

I once read that every successful person has some version of a ‘knockout list’ that they stick to. This basically shows their most important tasks to ‘knockout’ during the day. Try to filter your brain dump down into a ‘knockout list’ and bullet point them in your planner. Give yourself space to add additional tasks and things that branch out from the ‘knockout list’ but know that you need to be working on those knockouts and making a difference.

Use your time wisely

Aside from my planner, I make sure I have blocked my time out. I actually use my week planner for this, it sits on my desk so it’s the perfect tool for blocking out my time. I write down every hour of the day, and then with a colored pencil and a ruler, I segment my time into chunks. It’s very old fashioned of me, but I like seeing it at a glance and knowing that I’m on track with my time. It’s all too easy to let time slip away from you, but if you go into detail hour by hour, you will know where you should be and be able to work more productively.

You can also put this into a spreadsheet if you have a less creative brain, but blocking it out with pens and pencils is actually quite relaxing and will give you back some control over your life.

Prep with care

The key to making Sunday seem longer is prep. The mistake we all make is in lying out a half-assed outfit, rushing a lunch, and considering ourselves prepped for Monday before we go back to Netflix. Try to prepare for Monday as early as possible on a Sunday so you can enjoy the evening and have it stretched out in front of you. Firstly, plan your outfit properly to avoid rifling through your wardrobe on a Monday morning, lay out any beauty products you need in the order that you’ll need them, and have a think about your weekly meal prep.

What I always do is take extra from my dinner and put it into tupperware ahead of time, before I eat. We always make extra for all the lunches in my house, and by dividing it up into lunch it sort of restricts me from pigging out and eating two helpings in one go (guilty!).

Be your own best friend

Sunday is really important for self care, don’t ever forget this because as life gets busier your Sunday evening ritual will become so important. I love to keep a collection of face masks in my bathroom and spend some time really trying out new things, from charcoal to firming masks. It helps me feel more like myself and lets me de-stress and wind down before Monday morning.

Take care of yourself, and track how you come along. The Getting Things Done planner contains reminders to keep your self-care as a priority by filling in the self-care section. I also like to create a little tracker in my notebook. Start by drawing a large circle in your notebook, around the outside write all the different things you want to track, from exercise to your social life. Then put a little dot in the middle of the circle to help you track your progress. Plot with another dot how well you’re doing in each area, the closer to the outside of the circle, the better, so the closer to the dot in the middle the more attention I need to give to it.

Every week I try to improve it, joining the dots together and creating a web of different colors that tracks my progress throughout the month. Tracking it like this is useful on a Sunday because you can learn from how the week that’s passed has gone and improve it by next week!


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Featured photo: Carla Bradley