4 Visual Learning Tips To Teach Yourself Absolutely Anything


Visual learning study tips can be super helpful in adult life, too. Most of us lean between different learning styles, so it’s important that you identify what learning style works for you. Visual learners always prefer doing. You will teach yourself something by leaping in and trying, rather than reading the instructions. You don’t prefer reading or writing, but you like to try new things.

There’s no one-size-fits-all but trying a different learning style can help you unlock skills you didn’t think you had! So these visual learning study tips might actually make a lot of sense…

Unlock your visual brain

Since visual learners like to be active when learning, flashcards and memory games work really well. You never want to be bored by your learning, so it’s time to create a game to learn something. 

You don’t have to be bored by learning, nobody’s forcing you to learn in one certain way – so have fun with it! You can use something like the Getting Stuff Done planner, or if you prefer to see things in a more visual way, the Ultimate Week Plan will become your best friend for planning.

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Stop flooding your mind!

So you’re studying a new language, learning to cook gourmet food, trying to play an instrument. How are you approaching this? Are you trying to cram as much as you can after work, or on the weekends? That’s not going to work for you, so you need to take a step back and look at your learning style.

Anything you need to learn, you need to learn in short periods with short breaks. You have a short attention span so you need to do things in quick bursts. Regular five-minute breaks will help you stay focused and on-track.

Don’t focus on the facts

So, you’re trying to learn something. It’s great to memorize the facts, but because your brain is so visual, you are going to need to create, or imagine, a real-world example. If you’re learning how a piece of code works, test it. If you’re learning an instrument, play with it, even if the notes are all wrong. You learn better by doing. Keep that in mind.

Create a playlist

Your killer playlist will motivate you to get sh*t done. Take music off that doesn’t work for you. Some people like to listen to classical music, I prefer house or dance music. It’s personal preference, but music can help you get in the zone and get ahead of everything you need.

Create a playlist that’s purely for when you want to get stuff done, and use it to get your head down and get stuff done! You got this.