Are You Ready? 4 Ways To Prepare For A Job Interview.

Jess Hanah

There’s one word that really helps us to overcome whatever barriers lay ahead of us. It also energizes our dreams, goals and everything incredible that we imagine for ourselves. Perspective. Balance of perspective helps us to throw down everything we’ve got for what could be the greatest achievement of our lives but also helps us to know that if it doesn’t work out it wasn’t meant to be.

Perspective gives way to awareness and open-mindedness in situations where we would otherwise think we know enough; it gives us the humility to research, redefine, go back to the drawing board and try again if we must. Perspective is important to have when preparing our mindsets for a job interview because it reminds us of the importance to try with all our might without giving power to the fear if we don’t get the job.  Here’s what to do to get your mind right for that special day.

1. Prepare by backing it up and knowing your stuff

There is nothing more impressive than a career girl who is well-informed, completely intentional about the moves she pulls with her career, is able to fill in the gaps and well…knows what she wants. You know everything about the company, the people, the market and if you don’t know you sure will find out. Your passion shines through and gives you fuel to act like you’ve never deserved anything more.

2. Brush up on the interview skills

Practice in the mirror if you really have to. Interviewing for some can be quite a daunting thing, understandably so as all the questions seem to go one-way most of the time and at the end of the day who really enjoys being analysed? Here’s where perspective is really important; reminding yourself that there is no dissonance between yourself and the interviewer, you are both human beings with incredible purpose and light to share in your chosen fields and that is it. Shine bright and share your message loud and proud.

3. Know the dress code

How do you present? Looking and sounding the part is a huge contributor to how you feel and in turn how you carry yourself, more importantly, to the recruiter interviewing you. Whip out your ‘go-to’ office girl power suit that is professional, more reserved than usual, formal but effortless. There’s more to the whole ‘fake it ‘til you make it,’ saying than you know.

4. Accept the outcome whatever it will be

Channel your energy into your most triumphant memory and remember how incredible you felt in that moment. Visualise doing well and attracting the outcome you want. Try to remind yourself that everything works out exactly the way that it should. In some uncanny way, the tight grip we have on what we want so badly loosens up. There is also something about operating from a place of desperation that works against us. Really breathing and accepting whatever the outcome will be has a funny way of letting the result come to us naturally. What will be, will be.

By Georgia Kershaw


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  1. Acceptance has always been the hardest for me. I’ve been on the hunt for a blogging/copywriting gig for months now and still haven’t had much luck. I need some serious motivation before I cave in and just settle for my hotel lounge singing salary (aka pocket change).

  2. Just what I needed to read with an interview in 2 days. Thanks CGD team!


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