4 Ways To Set Up Your Desk That Will Make You Less Stressed


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Work can be stressful, that’s for sure. And if you work from a desk that is packed with things, it will make your feel even more stressed out (just ask our Managing Editor who’s working with a brownie packet on her desk right now!). Sadly we don’t live in a world where you can order your work desk straight from Pinterest to your room, but there are ways you can set up your desk that will make you feel less stressed out. Check out our fave offices on Pinterest for some inspo if you need to get started!  

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Get rid of things you don’t need:

First things first: No, you don’t need three pairs of scissors, four red markers, and the minion pen your sister gave you for your birthday. Try to be cruel and throw away everything you don’t need. The whole process of slowly getting rid of all the unnecessary things on your desk will make you feel more calm and organized. Check out some of our picks of things you need on your desk this week.  6846e8b589bbed36fcf4b9029dfaeb7817dc3f82aa7fd171148325f84a7bc092

Stay minimalist:
Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by all the things lying around on your desk. So after you threw away all the unnecessary things, try to keep your desk minimalist. Your head will be pulled in too many different directions and you will get distracted if you have too many things on your desk.

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Make it homey:

Even though I just told you that you should narrow down the things on your desk, I think having personal things at your workplace makes it really calming. Have a picture of your family or your favorite flowers on your desk, so if you ever feel too stressed out you can lean back, take a breath and remind yourself of the happy things in life and that work is only work.

Color code your desk:
Try not to have too many different colors in your work area and on your desk that don’t get along great. I don’t mean that you should ban all the colors (that would be depressing!) but try to think about which colors match and calm you down. The color theme on your desk will make it automatically look more organized and calming. Check out our picks of items that will really relax you and create a zen vibe if you need some inspo!


By Hannah Lutterbach



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  • Chantel

    Great tips. I definitely need to reorganize my desk ASAP.

  • Hannah Lucy

    I never thought about colour coding before, loved this :) Hannah | Oh January

  • Bee

    Love these ideas. I’ve found that adding a few little plants to my desk has created a nice atmosphere.


  • dreamofadventures

    i cleaned up all the drawers around my desk and put everything away. now i just have only what I need, great idea about colors my desk definitely needs some color


  • Alk A

    I think a clean desk will make me less stressed.


  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome tips !

  • mediamarmalade

    Absolutely love all these set ups. Beautiful

    Mel x

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