4 Ways To Treat Yourself When You’re Too Busy To Relax

Photo: MonMoleskine


We often say that relaxing is the best way to get you back to 100% and stop yourself from the impending doom of a burnout, but for a lot of us, when we get home in the evening we just want to switch off our brains and switch on the TV.

We have far too much to do to start thinking about creating an at-home spa routine, so we save that for the weekends. After work, when you still have to cook, clean, socialize and sort things out, you really don’t have time to treat yourself – but you should! These 4 treatments were created with even the busiest girls in mind!

#1 Give your hands a break

All Career Girls know their hands are important. We’re constantly shaking people’s hands, and judging them by how well groomed they are, so we know we have to keep ours in good condition. Don’t fear, you don’t have to sacrifice your phone time (although giving up your phone can be a great way to unwind!) try the StarSkin Nourishing Hand Mask while you’re blowing up your favorite WhatsApp group or catching up on the TV you missed. The gloves are designed to nourish your hands after their long day typing, writing, shaking and holding grubby commuter rails, and you can use them with touch screens!

#2 Get the right scent 

We’ve talked about the power of aromatherapy before, so we know that the first step to having a low maintenance relaxing evening is to get the smells right. There’s a reason we all love a good scented candle, they instantly create a pleasant, safe, comforting environment that we can chill in, even when we’re balancing our phones on our shoulders while juggling a pan and a colander. Try a spritz of an aromatherapy spray like House Of Intuition Serenity Spray which smells like sweet orange and lavendar. Heaven.

#3 Give your tired feet a rest

While you eat your dinner or chat on the phone, fill up a bowl or bucket with warm water and add a few spoonfuls of a silky balm like Shiffa Rose Bliss Balm to create the ultimate foot soak. Keep a towel on the floor next to you so you can easily dry your feet, this foot soak will eliminate any foot pain (damn beautiful and uncomfortable shoes!) and also hydrate dry skin and help to heal cracked ankles. Perfect.

#4 Get perfect hair overnight 

No fuss, minimal effort – add a tiny amount of coconut oil to your hair before you go to sleep and cover your pillow with a towel. When you wake up, jump in the shower, rise and dry, and use a spritz like Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray for instant lift and shine with hardly any effort.

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