4 Ways To Wear Heels Without The Pain

You know what I love about heels? They give me confidence. Strutting my stuff in a pair of great heels just makes me feel on top of the world, whether I’m attending a networking event or glamming it up with my friends, I know that if I’m wearing heels my legs look longer (and thinner!) and my posture is better.


Body language is important – when you stand taller you feel powerful, so heels are my best friend for intimidating events, but regular trips to the toilet to apply band-aids and gel cushion pads is not my favorite thing. For all my girls who hate the pain of heels, here are 4 ways to wear them without feeling the pain!


Get your feet sized

When you think about getting your feet sized you might start thinking about getting your first pair of shoes for school when you were a kid, but actually, you should get your feet sized every year, as they can fluctuate and could grow up to one size larger!

The number one cause of painful feet when wearing heels is not wearing shoes that fit you properly – so make sure your heels have enough room for all your toes and your ankles don’t rub when you walk in them. Visit a podiatrist if you really struggle to find a pair of shoes that don’t hurt!


Swap to flats

 Yes! You can swap your super high heels for a pair of comfortable and chic flats and know that you’ve got the same posture, body language and longer looking legs that heels give you thanks to a genius little invention that slips right inside your shoe!

The Invisible Heels can add up to 1.5 inches to your flats. Nobody will know you’re wearing them either as all you have to do is pop them into your shoes and carry on as normal! These little game-changers mean that you can strut around confidently and comfortably in your flats all night and nobody will know your secret!


Stay away from thin heels and thin soles

Sometimes we fall in love with a pair of shoes that aren’t really made with comfort in mind. Thin, flimsy soles and thin heels aren’t ever going to be comfortable to walk in, no matter how pretty they are – so try to go for thick heels and soles when picking a pair of shoes.



Shop smart

Brands have developed items that will actually help you to wear your favorite uncomfortable shoes without pain, there are gel cushions for every area of your feet, blister plasters that are so cushioned you won’t feel that little toe pinch, the Invisible Heels inserts that are cushioned and fabulous so you can have all the benefits of heels without having to wear them and suede heel grips that will stop your shoes from rubbing against your feet and creating pain from friction.

When shopping for shoes you should shop for these essentials too, or apply them before you leave the house, keeping them in your handbag might just save you from crying in the toilets later on!

Photography Camille Valbusa. 

  1. I can’t wear heels, although I really want too! Those invisible heels sound like the solution for a short girl like me who wants to be taller (love the package as well ‘Say hello to longer legs, baby!). Are the comfortable as well?

  2. So I tried these shoe lifts from Invisible Heels , but I have been wearing the LIftkits brand for years. I didn’t like the invisible heels version. First of all they are bright orange so you run the risk of someone noticing the lifts in your shoes when you take them off. the liftkits ones are discreet and dark colored so they don’t stand out as much. Also I found the lifts from LiftKits were much more comfortable. Plus they come in adjustable heights where as the invisible heels make you buy multiple lifts to achieve different heights. Although I did try these, I’m still a fan of LIftKits version over these. Nonetheless, i am grateful for this invention. A total lifesaver especially on ankle boots that cut your legs off the wrong way. Here is a link to the ones from LiftKits for Chicks. https://www.myliftkits.com

  3. Those invisible heels are so awesome! I’ll give it a try :)

    Diana | thechicdiary.com/blog

  4. Do these not make you slip right out the backs of your shoes? It seems to me that if there were something an inch or more under my heel, I would be flopping around out of my shoes… no?

  5. well I guess it depends on what shoes you are wearing. With the LiftKits I can choose what size lift I want to wear depending on what shoes I’m wearing. If I am wearing my high top vans sneakers or my doc martin boots , I wear both attachment pieces for the most height. But if I am wearing my adidas stan smiths I will remove the extra half inch piece and wear just the smaller lift. Its just enough height to put me on the ball of my feet and make me feel sexy in my flats. Again this is the main reason why I like the LiftKits version over the Say Hello To Longer Legs. Hope that helps. i screen shotted a picture from LiftKits site so you can see how they are two sizes in one.

  6. Hi Dana,
    They come in different heights/sizes, so there is always a right fit for a certain shoe.

  7. Hi Robin, they come in different inches, so the trick is finding the right height per shoe. x

  8. I’m not feeling the “invisible heels” thing. I can’t see how they would give legs the same shape and contour as a pair of heels would. I have problems with wider feet and narrow heel and ankle area, don’t think these would help much.

  9. Don’t feel that way! Embrace your lovely height! How about this? I’m 5’2″ and would love to have aty least a few extra inches. I have two nieces, both over 6 ft. tall. They wear their heels, even HIGH heels, with perfect posture. Combined with their walk of confidence and beautiful smiles, they look fabulous!

  10. I wear my 5 inc. heels judiciously. That means I switch to flats while driving, take them off under the table while eating in public, take a break at the mall to have a sit and take them off again for a bit. Most importantly though, I only wear heels with 1 inc. platform. Those pointy, narrow heels that would pinch my toes? I only wear them for fancy dinner or events. Sounds like this post is sponsored by Invisible Heels. I hope it works for some of us, but I’ll sit it out. 3 is not for me either, but 1 and 2 make lots of sense :)
    Check out my YouTube channel.

  11. I do wear small heels (about 2″ is the highest I will go). I really wish I could get away wearing 6″ heels =) But I just can’t. I tower over everyone (to include my husband) if I do and I just feel awkward being that tall lol.

  12. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, are style icons. It’s hard to find one photo of them in high heels. They did high glam in kitten heels mainly. I love them, the slingback ones are sexy and you can, walk, run and never be in pain.

  13. Hey Beth,

    My sister love heels more than anything so I couldn’t agree more with you.

    btw really cool silver shoes you have there!

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