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Motivating YouTube Videos To Get You Out Of The Monday Morning Blues!

large (2)We love YouTube videos! Sometimes you just need some extra motivation, inspiration or just something to get you out of that negative feeling and boost your mood. So here are five of our favourites to help inspire you (and maybe even make you giggle!)

On Mondays, most people seem to lack positive energy and just need to get out of their weekend vibes.

These 5 videos will help you shake that bad mood off, from an inspiring Oprah video that will make you get up and work your ass off to a grown man pretending to be a 2-year-old. Enjoy these 5 videos to help you get out of that Monday funk!

#1 – You decide your life!

One of the most inspiring woman alive! Oprah reflects back on her journey and highlights all the life lessons she learned and experienced in her life. So powerful and inspiring, an absolute must watch!

#2 – When you are stuck in a rut

Feel stuck, negative and don’t know what to do? Then this is a YouTube video you absolutely must watch. Marie Forleo gives you tips on how to get out of your negative mood and actually turn your life around, nothing magical, but something that definitely needs to be heard more than once.

#3 – Stop screwing yourself over

The title alone makes this an absolute must watch. We often do things that work against us, while the strengths of successful people are always that they figured out what works in their favor. Mel Robbins helps you to find out how you can do that and how to stop screwing yourself over.

#4 – Stay Motivated

A video full of inspiring and motivational quotes shared across people. Keep inspiring yourself and the people around you. A beautiful video that makes you realize that we all have our struggles and need motivation and inspiration from time to time

#5 – Conversations with my 2-year-old

You’ll never know how much you wanted to see a grown man act out the life of a two-year-old until you watch this series. Matthew Clarke wanted to document the adorable, weird and hilarious things his two-year-old Coco said in her day to day life, but wanted to put a comedy edge on it so he asked his friend David to play her.  It’s hilarious, awkward and very sweet and will give you a little bit of a giggle on a hard Monday!

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  1. Menellia says

    Love this post. I always try to prepare my mind and body for the new week on Sundays by watching videos like these. I even wrote a post about this on my blog last night..Here

  2. Rita.Z says

    I’ve seen Marie’s videos and Mel’s TED talks and they’ve changed my life and now that I’ve seen the rest WOW! especially Oprah’s video ♥ Thank you for sharing! I truly believe surrounding ourselves with positive inspiring people either physically or virtually can change our life for the better and you can live your life to the fullest. there’s a quote that i love so much, “one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day” and i believe making that a daily thing, you can change your life.
    – Rita x

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