5 Amazing Apps For Fashion Junkies


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There is an App for just about anything these days and thankfully that also covers the latest trends, lusted over items and hottest new season key pieces, whether you are a complete fashion novice or a fashion know it all, there is an App just for you.

#1 The Hunt

If you ever find yourself desperately searching for something you’ve seen on a model or a celebrity but have no idea where it’s from or even roughly how much it costs, then The Hunt will help you find it. It also allows you to post a photo of an outfit you are wearing and ask fellow users for their opinions and advice, perfect for when your best friend just isn’t available! Check out our spring picks here so you don’t have to scour the internet to hunt them down!

#2 StyleBook

StyleBook allows you to take photos of your entire wardrobe, store them and then use them to mix and match outfits together which can then be rated, helping you find your perfect look. It even helps you plan what you are going to wear in advance and tell you how many times you have previously worn an outfit, it really is your virtual best friend.

#3 Sales Gossip

An app that allows you to beat the sales frenzy and find all of the best bargains from the comfort of your own home. Sales Gossip will notify you of all of the best in-store and online discounts all within reach of your location. You can update your wishlist so the app is tailored to you and your preferences to ensure you only find exactly what you want.

#4 Vernez

Vernez is similar to Polyvore, but it allows you to follow a certain garment and see how others style it – create your own ‘fashion magazines’ and use it as an online shopping portal. It’s invitation only at the moment (ooh exclusive!) but if you add your email, you should get an invitation code within a few days!

#5 Polyvore

Polyvore offers endless inspiration for all those days you simply just don’t know what to wear. Users create mood boards and fashion collages filled with items available to buy online to showcase their perfect outfits, all of which are available for you to scroll through and gain inspiration.

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