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5 AMAZING Products Essential For The Perfect Night’s Sleep

We all love a bit of sleep. As hard working Career Girls, there is sometimes no better feeling than finally being able to go to bed and have a good night’s rest. Of course, you want to use your time wisely, so even when you sleep, you need to fully relax and take care of our skin. This way you can have the perfect night’s sleep and wake up energized enough to kick off a new day! For the perfect night’s sleep relaxation and skin hydration are essential. Keep scrolling to find out five great products to help you achieve this.

5 AMAZING Products Essential For The Perfect Night's Sleep

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One of my favorite treatment oils is: Relax Body Treatment Oil from Clarins. Essential oils geranium,chamomile and petitgrain give this oil a soothing, relaxing aroma. The key ingredient Hazelnut oil nourishes and preserves moisture leaving skin feeling hydrated and soft. Together the soothing and hydrating elements are perfect for sending you off to sleep and leaving your skinmoisturised. Relax Body Treatment Oil can be used all over your body and is particularly soothing wheretension lies.


Deep Sleep Stress Less by This Works is is a soothing, natural remedy to promote a restful night’s sleep. With fragrance notes of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Frankincense, this product aims to help calm and relax you through inhaling This Works Deep Sleep scent. With a roller ball applicator, when I feel anxious or stressed, I like to rub this scent on my pulse points and breathe deeply. For me, I have started to keep this product in my hand bag at all times, as when I start to feel anxious, I can just apply and find somewhere to sit calmly, which after a while I feel a whole lot better!

My absolute go-to lip balm is Melrose Lipbalm. I use it before bed to wake up with silky soft lips or throughout the day for continuous nourishment. Melrose is also great for use on dry patches of skin –particularly elbows and soles of the feet. Not only does this product work hydration-wonders but the scent of lemongrass makes a basic product seem much more luxurious.

Effaclar Duo by La Roche Posay: Described as a ‘complete skincare solution’, Effaclar Duo is La Roche Posay’s answer to clogged pores, oily and blemish prone skin. This anti-blemish cream can be used all over the face avoiding the eye area both in the morning and before bed. From personal use as a night cream I saw a noticeable difference in the condition of my skin; it became much less oily but still remained hydrated and soft. This miracle product is suitable for everyone because it’s appropriate for use on sensitive skin.

On a daily basis, your hair goes through a lot and sleep is the time when it has a chance to repair itself. Why not give it a helping hand by running some serum through the tips and ends of your hair to seal and protect it from splitting. JOICO Split End Mender isn’t oily or heavy so your hair won‘t be left looking greasy when you wake up.


What is your favorite beauty product? Let us know in the comments below


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