5 Apps To Help You Break A Bad Habit

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Let’s face it: we all have things we’d like to change about ourselves and our lifestyles. However, it can be difficult to kick bad habits without any support or rewards.Thankfully, technology has stepped up its bad-habit busting game. There are now apps out there to help you replace those old habits with new, better ones. It can be difficult to sort through the abundance of apps on the market, so we did all the hard work and found the best reviewed, most used habit apps. From losing weight to being organized, or even if you want to drink more water, the world is at your (literal) fingertips. Below are five of our top picks!


Track your progress and habits

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This app is quick, easy and simple. Way of Life allows you to track your progress and habits using colors, and gives you reminders that you can set up however you like.

Available to iOS users only currently; free to download; $4.99 to upgrade to premium


Encourage yourself

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Focusing on building good habits, this app encourages you to improve yourself by doing something every day. Whether it be writing, stretching, exercising, or something small like starting your day with water, Good to Hear helps you to establish long-lasting habits.

Free for iPhones

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Track your patterns

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This app allows you to track progress on everything in your life. From letting you see and notice the bad habit patterns in your daily routines, to keeping track and reminding yourself of new good habits. This easy-to-use and totally customizable app gets rave reviews all the time and a thumbs-up from us.

Free on Android and iOS phones


Get some support

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Sometimes, the support of others is just what you need in order to make a positive change. This principle is the foundation of the Lift app, which helps you set attainable and realistic goals instead of mission impossible ones. Using a community-based setting, you’re sure to beat those bad habits in no time at all.

Free for Android and iOS users.


Get a reward

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Carrot is a really unique app that is centered on interaction – both positive and negative. This AI type of app rewards you for completing tasks and uses negative reinforcements when you slack off. So if you’re competitive or enjoy games, this is definitely the habit app for you.

$1.99 for iOS users.

  1. I’ve tried Way of Life, and absolutely love it! The rest of them sound great too, I’ll have to check them out! :)

    — LisaLDN.com

  2. I used HabitBull to quit biting my nails, and actually blogged about it here: https://www.flinntrospection.com/how-i-quit-nail-biting-in-2015-using-apps/
    I really love the idea of Lift to reinforce positive habits! Definitely looking into it, thanks!

    Hillary :)

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