Snap That: The Apps You Need For The Perfect Selfie


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If you’re struggling to get the right angle or the right filter for your Instagram post, these 5 apps will become your new BFFs to get the perfect selfie!

Let’s face it, some of us are naturally gifted in the art of taking a selfie. You know who you are. You’ve got it down to a science, including the right angle, the right lighting, and the right filter to use, which will all ensure an exceptional amount of likes on Insta. For the rest of us, taking the perfect selfie seems impossible. Problem solved – here are 5 five apps that will help you amp up your social media game. Don’t forget, social media is key to promoting yourself, here’s how to do it properly!


Shoot, edit and share your photos like a pro. This app allows you capture images with the perfect amount of brightness and color balance. Think of  selfie meeting a Vogue photo shoot. Bonus, you can start making money with some of those amazing shots – find out here!

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is the more advanced photo editor on the market – it can help you transform grainy, lacklustre photos into ones with a professional finish. You can alter the perspective, retouch or edit photos using a variety of tools that go beyond the likes of Instagram filters.

3. Facetune

So you’ve taken the perfect selfie, with the winning smile, flattering angle and cute #OOTD to boot. But you have a few problems. You have a case of red-eye, the blemish you woke up with this morning is a bit too pronounced and the lighting is making your teeth look yellow. With Facetune, you can fix all of that! To top it all off, get that ‘no-makeup’ makeup look with this tutorial.

4. Layout

If you can’t decide on just one selfie to post, why not post them all? With Layout, you can choose various pictures to create a collage. Or maybe you take a lot of selfies but never post them. Again, why not post them all? Layout allows you to avoid bombarding the newsfeed and causing a selfie overload. This way, selfie haters won’t hate.

5. Over

It is so annoying when you’ve taken a selfie on SnapChat, with text and emojis, but not been able to save it and post on Instagram? Well, this app allows you to take the selfie, but then add text and emojis, just like SnapChat. Only this time, you can save it for all your Insta followers to see. #CareerGirlConfession time – here are the 9 thoughts every girl has on Instagram.

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  • Amy Sewell

    Great article! Relight is another awesome app. I use it to edit photos from my TV shoots – especially when taking behind-the-scenes pics before studio lights are up, or taking photos in our Manhattan apartment. Follow me at

  • Ebbie Style

    I’m about to download a few of these apps! Thanks!

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

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