5 Apps That Reduce Stress And Make Life Easier

large (9)Sometimes your week is so crammed they have you running around like a crazy person, during these times it can be difficult to do the simplest things and this is when stress piles on. When you are having an intense week at work it can seem like all your brain power is being used up and you can’t even begin to think about simple things like tracking your water intake, there are even humans on this Earth who ‘forget to eat’! Let these five apps be that helpful little voice that reminds you to stay on top of things and relieve some stress from your daily life…


Dehydration can be a scary beast. It can bring terrifying consequences such as bloating, a foggy mind, feelings of hunger when you are actually just thirsty and at it’s worse it can land you in the hospital! Slay this beast by using an app to track your daily water intake. I know you have heard this a million zillion times, but seriously, it is the best and cheapest way to stay healthy.


It can be very hard to carve out a few minutes during the day to meditate, especially if your mind is buzzing about. I have tried to meditate so many times and within a few minutes I catch myself deep in thoughts of work and what to have for dinner. The best way to stay on track is to practice ‘guided’ meditation, it can be so much easier to just follow the voice in your earphones telling you to take a deep breath and focus. Andrew Johnson’s voice is very soothing, this is one of the best free meditation apps available!


To lead a more stress-free life, it is essential that your sleeping habits are rock solid. The Sleep Bot app will help you track how well you are sleeping by analyzing your movements and even sounds you make while sleeping! It will wake you up at an optimal time that will ensure you feel refreshed in the morning. This is important because often times a conventional alarm clock will wake you when you are smack dab in the middle of REM sleep which can leave you feeling groggy all day long.


A month can feel like a really long time, especially when things move a mile a minute at work. I constantly struggled with remembering my monthly bills due date, missing a payment can lead to late fees and affect your credit score. Mint Bills keeps track of your bills and when they are due, you just have to log into one app to make a payment versus multiple websites.


Last but not least an app I would, without a hint of sarcasm, consider life changing. Ladies if you are not using this yet you must start! An app that tracks your monthly cycle is a God send, you can see exactly how many days you have until your period starts and make notes on how you are feeling. If you keep daily notes on the app’s calendar you may start to notice patterns on how certain times of your cycle affect you. I get monthly migraines, a few months into using this app I realized that I always got a migraine during or directly before my time of the month, this was a breakthrough in helping me manage this debilitating monthly headache.

Written by Maria Oliveira