5 Apps That Will Get You Out Of Bed In The Morning

There are not many sounds as painful as the sound of your morning alarm. Is it really time to get up? Surely it can’t be morning already? Hitting the snooze button is all too tempting, but it’s bound to make you late and give you a bad start to the day. Whilst you might not feel ready to get out of your warm, cosy bed as soon as your alarm strikes, here are some apps that will help make that journey out of bed that little bit easier.

Sleep Cycle

(£0.69 iOS, £0.99 Android)

Part of the problem of waking up to an alarm is the shock it gives you. Being woken up from a deep sleep is bound to make you feel groggy, and it makes sense for it to be far easier to wake up from a lighter sleep. Sleep Cycle monitors your cycles of sleep and captures the moment you are in a lighter sleep close enough to your alarm for you to be woken. Allowing you to track your sleeping patterns, so you’ll never have to experience that horrible scare from your alarm again.

Wake Alarm

(£2.49 Android)
Simply tapping a button to shut off your alarm makes it too easy to slip back into sleep. Wake Alarm provides the perfect solution for this, requiring movement for the alarm to shut off. Using a sensor to make sure you’ve turned over or given your phone a shake before it the alarm will stop, it’s a sure-fire way to get you moving and awake when the alarm strikes.


(Free on iOS and Android)
Are you someone who hates any form of conversation before 11am and at least three coffees? Wakie allows you to be social from the comfort of your own bed and eases you comfortably into that dreaded morning communication. You can be woken from another Wakie member, and even wake up other members too, with a quick and easy conversation that lasts no longer than a minute (unlike the chatty faces you get stuck with the minute you reach the office).


(£1.49 iOS and free on Android)
If it’s pulling yourself from underneath your duvet that pains you in the morning, this app will literally drag you out of bed. Requiring you to register a location to turn off the alarm, you’ll have no choice but to get up to put that piercing ringing to an end. Not the gentlest of ways to wake up, but great for biting the bullet and getting the dreaded task out of the way.

I Can’t Wake Up!

(Free on iOS and Andriod)
Waking up physically is one thing, but waking up mentally is a whole other story. You may be able to put one foot in front of the other, but that doesn’t mean your mind is with you. This alarm clock will not turn off until eight different tasks are complete, making sure you are completely awake for the day ahead.

A great addition to these apps is a wakeup light.  If you live in an area where’s there is not much sunlight. Great wakeup light are  Lumie‘s Bodyclock and Philips’s Wake Up Light . More about this soon on CGD!

Are you still struggling with mornings? Here are 6 things you should do tonight to wake up better tomorrow!

  1. Brilliant apps, and I definitely need some of these! Getting up when I am supposed to in the morning can be such a drag sometimes!
    — LisaLDN.com

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