5 Power Apps That Will Give You A Health Boost

Most career girls are glued to their phone to answer all those emails, phone calls and texts from co-workers. But your phone is not only a great device for communication, it can actually keep you healthy! Here are 5 apps that will improve your health.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleeping is probably the nicest way to work on your health. This app analyzes your sleep, by tracking your movements at night, and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase. That way you’ll feel rested and relaxed when you wake up. After tracking your sleep for a while, you know better how much sleep you need, and what bedtime routine works best for you.


Consider this app your personal dietist…but free and always around. FatSecret is a calorie counting app that you use as a food, exercise and weight diary. You fill in your height and weight, whether you want to lose or gain weight, and after that you start tracking your meals and exercise. You just fill in the app whenever you eat or drink something, and you can see how many calories and macro nutrients you’ve had. It’s a great way to learn more about your favorite food, and it helps you to choose wisely what you’ll eat. (It helped me lose 10 pounds!)


The most active way to be healthy is to work out regularly. Don’t let the name of the app fool you…Runkeeper is not only for running, but also for hiking, mountain biking, skiing, rowing and ice-skating. The app uses your GPS to track workout distance, pace, time and elevation. It’s not only nice to know how well you’ve done, but also cool to see your progress! Extra fun; you can add friends and heart their workouts!

Apple Health – Medical ID

I can’t stress the importance of this app enough; Apple Health’s Medical ID. Please fill it in. I hope you’ll never need it, but if you ever get in an accident, the ambulance attendant can check easily who you are, how old you are, whether you’re allergic to anything, if you’re an organ donor, who your ICE person is, how much you weigh and how long you are. Those are very important things to know for your doctor, and only take a few minutes to fill in. Those details are available under ‘emergency’, even when your phone is locked with a code or touch id.

Your favourite game

Every now and then you need to relax to keep sane. You can download any game you like, even Candy Crush Saga…it doesn’t have to be a brain twister to help you unwind. I like Ruzzle, because it makes me feel alert and I love word games. Do what works best for you. Remember; it’s about having fun and relaxing.

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  • mediamarmalade

    I definitely need the sleep cycle app

    Mel x


  • Jas

    I’ve used Sleep Cycle before and I actually quite liked it :) It did seem to work!
    | | JasPooleBlog.com | |

  • Hannah Lucy

    Great post, the Fatsecret app sounds interesting – will check it out!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Camille Beygui

    I’m downloading Fat Secret right aways haha



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